Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails Developer

  • IT
  • Consumer
  • Amsterdam
  • Minimum of 4 years' experience
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 ‘A smile in return’, that’s BuyBay in a nutshell. BuyBay’s homegrown software helps sellers deal with returns, finding an optimal match with a new buyer and ensuring smooth redistribution with the best possible yield for all parties. They’re about to expand geographically and launch their proprietary software as a service. This makes it an especially interesting time to join the development team.


BuyBay is a fast-growing tech scale-up improving the world one basket at a time. They give returned products a second chance. E-tailers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers partner with BuyBay to turn their returns into revenue. A proven business model with major environmental benefits.

Every day, people all over the world put four billion items into their online shopping carts. As it turns out, however, fifteen per cent of all online sales are returned. Sometimes the item doesn’t meet the consumer’s expectations, other times the shopper intentionally bought a number of similar items while intending to keep only one. Convenient for the shopper, but there’s a dark side to these returns. Whether the items are unblemished or not, they transform from a valuable asset into a burden to the seller. For many businesses, the costs of the complex reverse logistics process outweigh the benefits. Suddenly, mass scrapping of all returns seems like a viable option. At a global scale, the environmental impact is huge.

Founded in 2014, BuyBay solves this conundrum. With smart IT, backed up by professional business intelligence, finance and customer service teams, BuyBay helps e-commerce businesses transform their returns into revenue.

They process, repair and catalogue returned products for household names such as, Wehkamp, Sony, Samsung, Home24 and Blokker. Their smart software then matches the object with a new buyer via existing platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Blokker. The software uses historic data to optimize price and time for each individual product.

It’s a win-win-win situation:

  • BuyBay’s clients see their returns turn into revenues;
  • The new buyer gets the product they want at a reduced rate;
  • The environment benefits from reduced waste.

The concept has proven to be very successful in the Dutch market. BuyBay is now ready to take the rest of the world by storm, starting with Germany. They are also looking into offering their software package as a SaaS-construction for businesses who prefer not to outsource the physical side of their returns. Both of these moves will pose interesting tech challenges in terms of development, maintenance and support of the software BuyBay runs on. To expand the development capacity needed to implement their ambitious roadmap, they are adding an additional Ruby on Rails Developer to the development team.

Vacancy: Ruby on Rails Developer

The Ruby on Rails Developer will be member of the development team, reporting directly to CTO Rutger van Bergen. It’s much more than a development role; it’s an opportunity to make an impact on the business.

The Developer will translate business challenges into tech challenges and collaborate with the CTO, Product Owner, five Ruby on Rails Developers, a Software Engineer and a Data Engineer to find the best solutions. The key to success is the combination of an open mind, eagerness to learn new technical skills and the ability to encourage the rest of the team to do the same.

The Developer will take full ownership of the web applications they’re working on. From frontend to backend to database and third-party API integration. From architecture, design and development through delivery to production and implementation.

The BuyBay tech stack currently includes Ruby on Rails, Javascript/jQuery, Bootstrap, AWS, Atlassian stack and Mercurial/Git. The Developer will work on all areas of Ruby on Rails applications and enhance the development practice. But they’ll also challenge the current tech stack and suggest other solutions where necessary. The sky is the limit.



BuyBay works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
To express your interest, contact Hayke Tjemmes at


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