Performance Culture Manager

Performance Culture Manager

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From regulations and the economic climate to customer interaction – the banking landscape is changing drastically in every way. The success of ING depends on how the organization and its people respond to the changing circumstances. Enabling the right people to excel at their jobs is a strategic priority. That’s why ING recently appointed Luigi Maria Fierro (ex-McKinsey) as the Global Head of Performance Management. There is currently a vacancy on his team for a Performance Culture Manager.

ING’s Performance Culture

ING is a global top-20 financial institution for private, corporate and institutional customers. The Global Performance Management team is part of the Performance & Reward team (part of Corporate HR), focusing on developing a strong performance culture within the Bank and effectively running the performance management process at Group level.

They are currently rolling out the revolutionary Step Up program globally. Most performance management programs rely on backward-looking review processes. Step Up is different because it aims to improve the performance of the Bank through a real-time improvement process. The new Step Up approach will reinforce ING’s performance culture by focusing on the individual performance and professional development of all 54.000 employees. The Performance Management team consists of 5 professionals of varying nationalities and professional backgrounds, which enables them to truly connect with the business.

“The ideal ratio of positive to negative feedback is 3 : 1. If most people in your team have a penchant for an informal feedback style rather than a formal one, it’s wise to adopt that habit. Great to know, but how can we help people improve their feedback? That’s one of the challenges we’re grappling with. For example, we recently created the Feedbit app. Every time you give someone feedback, they will rate whether it was informal or formal feedback and whether it was positive or negative feedback. Based on the results, the app can make a radar chart of everyone’s feedback habits.” – Luigi Maria Fierro (ex-McKinsey) as the Global Head of Performance Management

The vacancy: Performance Culture Manager

The Performance Culture Manager will be involved in several work streams as part of the global implementation of the Step Up program. There will also be room to further develop managerial capabilities on performance culture management.

ING’s approach to performance management is highly agile and the team is bent on learning from every step of the way. That means the horizon is relatively short, and the strategic impact of the Performance Culture Manager is potentially huge. The work streams this person will focus on during 2018 Q1 include (but aren’t limited to) supporting countries in the full implementation of Step Up and developing new training modules to support managerial capabilities. Beyond that, the candidate will have the opportunity to shape his/her own role within the team. In order to maximize the development of a feedback culture on a global level, the Performance Culture Manager will have the opportunity of thinking of, developing and testing innovative ideas. These initiatives may include videos, apps, documents and events.

Candidate Profile

This is a proven landing spot for strategy consultants within the Bank. Candidates will be able to prioritize projects, take the initiative, work independently and collaborate with the team. It’s a high-exposure role, allowing candidates to make a name for themselves within the Bank and the HR community.


  • Consulting at manager-level
  • Performance Management
  • Talent & Learning
  • Change Management
  • Communicating with senior management
  • Measuring progress of processes/projects


  • Self-starter
  • Can-do mentality
  • Accurate & punctual
  • Agile
  • Results-driven
  • Highly responsible


  • Organizational
  • Analytical
  • Detecting, identifying and prioritizing problems
  • Customer-focus
  • Analyzing complex situations, extrapolating data


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