Lead Services & Operations

Lead Services & Operations

  • IT
  • Health
  • Amsterdam, Venlo or Madrid
  • Minimum of 8 years' experience
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Atida is the newest player in the online healthcare market including an innovative digital platform. Their goal? Improve the overall health of tens of millions of people. It is up to the Lead Services & Operations to provide this groundbreaking concept with a solid IT foundation.  

About Atida

Atida is Hebrew for the ‘future’ and precisely to this end, the company has a revolutionary concept in mind. Connecting data, e-commerce, and the world of pharmacy is what Atida has in mind. A pan-European online pharmacy with an in-store experience that focuses on individual healthcare. The current company is a bundle of eight acquired online pharmacies from Germany and Spain. This makes it the third largest player in Europe. But Atida thinks much bigger, because with more acquisitions in the pipeline, this online pharmacy will be in the European lead by 2025.

Focus on Lifestyle Improvements
The idea behind the concept? Europe is seeing a strong increase in non-communicable, often chronic, diseases. Think of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and depression. All these disorders together account for about ninety percent of European healthcare costs. An important factor in the development of these diseases is an unhealthy way of life. But what if you change your lifestyle want to improve proactively, where can turn to online? Previously nowhere, but this is where Atida jumps in.

Atida Health and Atida Pure
Atida presents two fully scientifically proven propositions. Autumn 2020 will start with the launch of Atida Pure. With this branch, the company focuses on preventive care by means of personal nutritional programs, quality supplements, consultations and measurements. At the beginning of 2021, it will Atida Health’s turn, a branch that focuses on curative care or: curing existing illnesses with prescribed medication. In the long run, the company wants to add more products to support the individual care needs of each customer.

Solid Foundation
Atida has now reached the stage of high, organic growth. In order for the company to fully succeed, Atida must develop new business solutions in the near future, including associated platforms. Information sources with a refreshing customer experience based on trust, care, expertise, and above all: personal and intuitive design. And as a portfolio company of London’s MARCOL – one of the largest health care investment companies – Atida has enough resources to make that come about.

Vacancy: Lead Services & Operations

The Lead Services & Operations will be given the opportunity to design a completely new European IT infrastructure for Atida. Think of the usual office applications such as laptops, desktops, (mobile) telephones, but also the services and networks on which the e-commerce platform and logistics centers are running. In doing so, they take into account the existing operations and infrastructures of the 8 acquired brands and determine how these will be integrated into the new landscape. They are a pragmatic gatekeeper and ensure that production, stability, security and uptime of the entire IT landscape – from office to warehouses – is continuously guaranteed.

Building an infrastructure & service team
In addition to infrastructure design and implementation, the Lead Services & Operations is also responsible for the pan-European service team and associated management. They define a service operation model and build a service team that works according to best practices and standards.

From analysis to integration
The best engineering, best practices and standards, all of this results in this heavyweight in infrastructure and technology. Based on all business requirements, they analyze, guide and integrate the rollout of new hardware, operational systems and connectivity solutions. In case of problems, the Lead Services & Operations pulls the cart for a solid root-cause analysis and acts as the connector for all parties involved. Of course, they pay close attention to the details. Experience in regulated environments is great for this role, as is experience in the healthcare sector and experience with security operations.

As a completely new company, we only look ahead. We work with the latest programming languages, products and concepts, all of which come to life thanks to the expertise of the Lead Services & Operations. – David Hennessy, CTO

Connecting leadership
Atida currently has a multitude of local infrastructures and teams, which still run their own operations per location. The intention is that one service team and one infrastructure will replace all of this. This team then takes care of the entire European operation. The Lead Services & Operations rebuilds both the infrastructure and the team. All in all, strong collaboration is an absolute necessity. This is no problem for the Lead Service & Infrastructure, thanks to a mix of balance, trust and authenticity, they build an excellent relationship with the team and all of the stakeholders.

The Lead Services & Operations likes to work in the dynamic world of start-ups and is committed to an innovative digital product. They will join a seven-person tech team, report to David Hennessy (CTO) and work from the head office in Amsterdam. Although they don’t mind traveling to colleagues elsewhere in Europe every now and then.



Atida works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
To express your interest, contact
Hayke Tjemmes at hayke.tjemmes@topofminds.com.


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