International Social Media Manager

International Social Media Manager

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Getting in shape, with Basic-Fit’s help; where and whenever, just the way you want. The company makes fitness accessible, simple, affordable and fun. With over 1.8 million members, Basic-Fit is the number one fitness brand in Europe and one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. Social media is an important channel for further growth. The International Social Media Manager develops the international strategy to make optimal use of platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and to bind new athletes to Basic-Fit and keep current members happy.

About Basic-Fit

Digital is the new trend in fitness and Basic-Fit is leading the pack. In France people even refer to Basic-Fit as ‘the Spotify of fitness’. There are top-notch equipment and flexible membership models, the company offers virtual coaching, workout advice, and support through an app and digital group classes. That makes Basic-Fit an innovative fitness partner for in the gym and at home.

Since 2010 Basic-Fit has seen tremendous growth. The company opened a lot of new gyms and managed to grow its member base in existing locations. But for BasicFit it all just feels like a warm-up. Their mission is to have a membership pass on every kitchen table in Europe. That’s why Basic-Fit, in the next few years, plans to open at least 300 new locations all through Europe.


The International Social Media Manager is responsible for the strategy behind all of Basic Fit’s social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. He/she then translates the strategy into concrete concepts and leads the way in the development of these concepts.

This enables the International Social Media Manager to have a direct impact on social media for more than 600 clubs in different countries, and for a company with more than 920,000 likes on Facebook. He/she reports directly to the International Content Lead and works closely together with the local Community Managers.

“The International Social Media Manager inspires both our (potential) clients and our teams with his/her creativity and vision on social media. He/she has the strategic ability to create a good international strategy and the enthusiasm and operational skills to conceptually translate and develop that strategy. The International Social Media Manager has the unique opportunity to have a real impact on a publicly traded, international company that still feels like a start-up: dynamic, fast growing, down to earth and not too hierarchical.” – Erica Hahn, International Marketing & E-commerce Manager


The International Social Media Manager determines the social media strategy to strengthen the Basic-Fit brand and current campaigns. The International Social Media Manager frequently involves the Community Managers from the various countries in this process. He/she ensures that everyone is fully engaged and that they work together towards something beautiful.

For each country, the International Social Media Manager formulates objectives and helps in coming up with a way of how to achieve them within the boundaries of the overarching strategy. He/she takes into account the differences between the countries. For example, Facebook Messenger is a very important channel in France, while WhatsApp is more important in the Netherlands. The International Social Media Manager also monitors the latest developments and responds quickly to new emerging channels.


In the past, the Community Managers in the various countries took care of their social media communication themselves. It is up to the International Social Media Manager to ensure that the countries contribute enthusiastically to the development and implementation of the international strategy. He/she ensures that there is more cohesion between countries, while at the same time leaving space to respond creatively to the individual character of the local market.


  • Higher Professional Education or higher in commerce or marketing
  • 3+ years’ professional experience in the field of social media
  • Experience with organic social media marketing
  • International experience

Basic-Fit works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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