Head of Strategy

Head of Strategy

  • Finance
  • Private Equity
  • Utrecht
  • Published on: 07 January 2020
  • Minimum of 10 years' experience
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For whom?

  • Has minimum 8 years of experience in strategy consulting (preferably in a corporate finance practice), investment banking or private equity; acquired knowledge of e.g. strategy, execution structured finance, acquisitions, etc.
  • Speaks the language of international shareholders and stakeholders
  • Has concrete experience in developing business strategy and managing KPIs
  • Excels in delivering a strong pitch/presentation

With over 125 years of experience, RNHB is an established name in the Dutch real estate market. Once you step inside their office in the center of Utrecht, however, you instantly feel the energy and drive of a start-up. RNHB is an innovative real estate financier with online services and an eye for personalization. Their goal is to achieve substantial growth in the upcoming years. To steer that in the right direction, RNHB is looking for a Head of Strategy, who will take the lead in the strategic development of RNHB.


Busy times ahead for real estate financier RNHB in the coming year. The company is planning on significantly expanding its portfolio. And although RNHB has been around for 125 years, the company’s work atmosphere is young and dynamic: most staff members are younger than 35 and the culture is akin to a start-up or scale-up. This means: seeing and seizing opportunities, making bold decisions and adjusting where necessary, and a general mindset of thinking in terms of possibilities and taking action. In order to achieve their desired growth, the board is investigating the possibilities for additional financing and new acquisitions. This requires that a unified rational, convincing strategic direction is put in place by someone who never loses sight of the big picture, and is both decisive and thinks things through.

Head of Strategy

The Head of Strategy will be taking on that role. He or she will work closely with the CEO and the CFRO, taking full responsibility and leadership over various strategic projects. This also includes an active role in board meetings, in which the Head of Strategy determines the strategic agenda together with the board. Important and current topics in these meetings include determining the new funding strategy to achieve the desired growth and the professionalization of portfolio management reporting. In this role, he or she combines thorough knowledge and experience of strategy and finance on the one hand, with a strong instinct for current trends in the market on the other. The Head of Strategy takes the lead in large projects such as securitizations, funding issues, and acquisition projects. As a link to RNHB’s most important shareholder, CarVal Investors, the Head of Strategy highlights complex issues from different perspectives and ensures that the solution fits within the overall strategy. In doing so, the Head of Strategy oversees the pricing, asset, and portfolio strategy, and advises on the liability-related side of the business. Thorough analytical knowledge in corporate finance, funding strategy, pricing, structured finance, syndication, and securitization are a must.

In addition to his or her close collaboration with the CEO and CFRO, the Head of Strategy also deals with, among others, the Business Manager, the Business Intelligence department, non-executive board members from the main shareholder, partners, and financiers. He or she, therefore, cooperates with various senior stakeholders and has sufficient persuasive power and in-depth knowledge to provide the necessary guidance in those relationships. The Head of Strategy will also be in a position to set up temporary teams for new strategic projects, if, for example, new information needs to be gathered.

“The Head of Strategy has enough knowledge and experience to immediately start working independently and take charge of various strategic projects. At the same time, their learning curve is steep and fast. Within 1 to 2 years, the position will have grown along with the company and the Head of Strategy will be ready for the next step, in which, for example, business responsibility will play a role.” – Thijs Roovers, HR Director at RNHB

The position of Head of Strategy is interesting for an ambitious M&A manager, senior PE analyst, or a top-tier strategy consultant with a background in finance, who, after 8 years of experience, is ready to become a permanent fixture within a growing, ambitious organization.


  • Independent, flexible and comfortable with time pressure
  • Strong communication skills (at senior level and in an international setting)
  • Has the ambition to be up to speed as fast as possible and is not afraid to jump into the deep end straight away

RNHB works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Contact Martine Franckenat martine@topofminds.com for more information.


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Head of Strategy

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