Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing

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  • Consumer
  • Amsterdam
  • Published on: 21 December 2021
  • Minimum of 7 years' experience


  • More than 7 years of experience in online marketing
  • Leadership experience
  • Strategic
  • Data driven
  • Entrepreneurial

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Every day, Scribbr helps more than a hundred thousand students around the world write papers, essays, and dissertations. This fast-growing EdTech scale-up is looking to become an international market leader, and the Head of Marketing will play a key role in making that dream a reality. 

About Scribbr

Scribbr was founded in Amsterdam in 2012. The goal: to help every student become a better academic writer. To help them reach that goal, the scale-up offers a range of on and offline tools, services, and personal support for students around the world. For example, students can have their thesis or paper reviewed by Scribbr, and Scribbr can help with plagiarism detection or automatically generate sources. Students who can confidently write a great essay, paper, or dissertation feel more empowered to take the next step in their career. It is how Scribbr helps students reach their full potential. 

In recent years, Scribbr has seen the monthly user count grow to ten million. The scale-up is active around the world and is focused on the German, American, English, French, and Dutch markets. The next step: expanding to more countries to become the international market leader and strengthening existing local positions. Over the next five years, Scribbr wants to generate 50 million visitors per month and significantly boost both the conversion rate and sales. In 2022, Scribbr will also be introducing a subscription model to help students even more.

Prestigious awards
Scribbr has won multiple awards in recent years. They won the FD Oryx Award for outstanding growth achievement, ranked fifth in the Deloitte Fast 50, and 98th in the Financial Times FT1000. But there is no time for complacency—in fact, continuing to develop new, innovative services is essential to staying ahead and guaranteeing continued growth. 

Around sixty employees work at the head office on Singel in Amsterdam, with more than 500 freelancers working for Scribbr worldwide. They are proud of the achievements this scale-up has made so far, but believe it can always be better, faster, and more efficient. Ambition and team spirit are deeply ingrained in the DNA of the organization. Scribbr is a flat organization where lines of communication are short and everyone is easily accessible and quick to respond. Advancement is the rule rather than the exception, and a significant number of employees have advanced internally. Experienced external talent was recruited last year for certain key positions in the organization, and that process is now underway for the Head of Marketing.

Vacancy: Head of Marketing

In an organization with the rapid growth and big ambitions you will find at Scribbr, the Head of Marketing can have a real impact. So far, Scribbr has grown primarily based on successful SEO and content marketing. But for Scribbr to grow in the coming years, it will require more targeted marketing focused on local markets, expanding the team, and launching new marketing channels and partnerships.

The Head of Marketing will outline a clear, effective marketing strategy where they will study local needs to identify how online marketing can be improved per country. This local focus is key—the perfect product-to-market fit and strengthening the local propositions are the only way for Scribbr to achieve their international growth objectives.  

Data-driven professionalization
The Head of Marketing will lead the international marketing team, which currently has seven FTEs. That number will double in a year’s time under the Head of Marketing’s leadership and will be divided into country-specific marketing teams, each headed by its own Country Manager. In addition to expansion, professionalization and data are also crucial. Data is abundant, but not yet optimally utilized. With a data-driven mindset, the Head of Marketing will take the team and Scribbr’s online marketing to the next level. The result: a well-oiled marketing machine with a clear, data-driven focus on the countries where Scribbr operates. They will report directly to the CEO, Koen Driessen. 

As an MT member, the Head of Marketing will have an important voice in charting the future direction at Scribbr. That there are still plenty of opportunities to grow and conquering the rest of the world is a given. That makes it a great time to be the first Head of Marketing to step in and help build on the success of this fast-growing scale-up. 

We have so many ideas that we want to implement. With the right people on board, we can make any plan succeed. A high-energy, data-driven Head of Marketing will bring us a big step closer to making our dreams of international growth a reality. ” – Koen Driessen, CEO and co-founder



Scribbr is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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