Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing

  • Roelofarendsveen
  • Published on 11 November 2020
  • Minimum of 7 years experience

For whom?

  • At least seven years of relevant work experience
  • Experience with B2B marketing
  • Managerial skills

Ever been given a Moleskine emblazoned with your employer’s logo or another printed gift? Chances are it came from PF Concept. PF Concept is the largest European supplier for traditional promotional resellers and has made it their ambition to help resellers market their products online. The Head of Marketing is the person who will get it done.

About PF Concept

PF Concept is part of the American global market leader, Polyconcept Group, supported by a large private equity group, and serves the European market by developing, selling, and supplying promotional items. Those include items such as giveaways from PF Concept’s private labels, but also high-end business gifts from license brands like CamelBak and Parker.

PF Concept operates a B2B2B model. Essentially, what it means is PF Concept has a product range that boasts around 12,000 different items, stored as stock in PF Concept’s Polish and British warehouses. As soon as an order comes in from one of the 10,000 specialist resellers, PF Concept starts printing the products. Once the order is ready, PF Concept – under the reseller’s name – sends it directly to the end customer.

Offline and online leader in promotional items
Traditionally, the promotional merchandise business has been largely an offline industry, with resellers maintaining showrooms across the country. But PF Concept broke with tradition and started a drive to digital in 2014, not only to open the world of online sales, but also provide customers with better information about PF Concept’s products and services. It’s work that was once done mostly by Account Managers, but that’s increasingly being handled by smart technology solutions.

PF Concept’s turnover is currently 200+ million, and the goal is to become the leading authority on promotional items, online and off. The website is rock solid and the resellers are on board, while state-of-the-art tools allow PF Concept to focus on the key marketing goal: successful customer activation. And that’s exactly what the Head of Marketing and their nine-member marketing team will be working towards.

Vacancy: Head of Marketing

The Head of Marketing will have a unique opportunity to take this international brand to the next level. A digital-first approach to offline channels, that’s the challenge. To make it happen, they’ll be a pro at focusing on marketing in the broadest sense of the word.

Seamlessly structure online and offline B2B marketing
To guarantee that online and offline flow together seamlessly, the Head of Marketing will be tasked with getting a powerful omni-channel strategy up and running. From newsletters and e-mail marketing to online and offline catalogues, the Head of Marketing will structure PF Concept’s more than 12,000 products across all available marketing channels. They should be an expert at building tighter, clean processes, and even tighter campaign schedules. The Head of Marketing should also have a clear vision on content and content creation in B2B marketing.

Product and service marketing
PF Concept has long since crafted a clear picture of its customer, so instead of customer acquisition, the Head of Marketing will be focused on customer activation. How can PF Concept encourage existing resellers to purchase more, for instance by marketing the (fulfillment) services of their Polish and English printers? And which converts better? A price drop or the option to upgrade product packaging in one click? The Head of Marketing will uncover the answers. An example of a project they will be working on is the House of Inspiration, where the company develops engaging marketing materials that customers can use straight away.

“It’s been eight years since I started at PF Concept as a commercial project manager, so I speak from my own experience when I say that there’s tremendous room to develop at this company. Taking initiative is recognized here, and quickly leads to greater responsibilities”. – Jeroen Nikkelen, Vice President of Digital Sales

Lead by example
Internally, the Head of Marketing will be responsible for managing their nine-member marketing team, which includes Online and Offline Marketers, Graphic Designers, a Merchandising & Translation Specialist, and a Data Analyst. They will foster a strong team environment and they relish rolling up their sleeves. The role is both tactical and operational. The Head of Marketing reports to Jeroen Nikkelen, Vice President of Digital Sales.

Corporate meets SME
The Head of Marketing should be comfortable in an informal work environment. Despite the fact that PF Concept is part of a dynamic and international multimillion-dollar company, it feels more like a corporate meets SME – think small, close teams and short lines of communication – so the Head of Marketing will be close to the decision-making process. The head office is practically located on the outskirts of Roelofarendsveen, close to the A4 motorway.

PF Concept works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Jessica Lim at jessica.lim@topofminds.com for more information.


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Head of Marketing

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Head of Marketing

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Head of Marketing

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