Head of Commerce

Head of Commerce

  • Technology
  • Delft
  • Minimum of 15 years' experience
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Bird Control Group is a global leading player in its industry, offering innovative and green technology to keep birds at a safe distance from commercial activities. Their ambition for 2020 is to double in annual revenue and keep up that acceleration rate thereafter. To make that happen, they’re hiring a commercial heavyweight as their global Head of Commerce.

About Bird Control Group

Bird Control Group uses intelligent laser technology to scare unwanted birds away from places such as airports, farms and factory sites. Their laser-based technology outshines competitors (mostly using physical barriers, pyrotechnics, sonic devices and chemicals) with great results in a wide range of weather conditions and geographical circumstances.

Founded in 2012 by the then 20-year-old entrepreneur Steinar Henskes, Bird Control Group is now one of the top-3 players in its field the world over. The journey started with the serendipitous discovery that geese were repelled by the green lasers Henskes was installing for a construction project. Henskes quickly recognized the potential of his discovery – from agriculture to aviation and from real estate to oil and gas and industrial sites. Henskes rapidly developed the prototype of a bird-repelling laser robot. The patented technology was soon recognized by the World Wildlife Fund for its effectiveness as well as animal and environment friendliness. Other awards and accolades include the Deloitte Technology Fast50, Shell LiveWIRE and the World Economic Forum.

While an R&D-led approach has brought the business this far, they are now gearing up for the next step by professionalizing as a commercial organization. Although their multi-million-euro turnover is nothing to be sniffed at, the goal for 2020 is to double their annual revenue.

“Behind the scenes, we will always keep driving innovation. But our focus will shift from what’s technologically possible to what our customers from all over the globe really need.”

– Steinar Henskes, CEO & Founder of Bird Control Group

Vacancy: Head of Commerce

The appointment of the Head of Commerce will mark a turning point in the business model of Bird Control Group. The Head of Commerce will play a major part in commercial professionalization and customer-centric transformation of the business. This includes developing the commercial strategy as well as leading the international sales teams – based in Delft and Oregon – and the worldwide network of distribution partners.

Where to play

There are three ways in which bird pests can affect businesses:

  1. Material damage to the core business process – For example, for companies in the agricultural sector, bird pests can cause a 30 percent reduction of the harvest.
  2. Financial losses in non-core business areas – For example, an infestation affecting the real estate of a retailer may rack up high costs, even if it doesn’t directly interfere with the retail process.
  3. Interference with the core process without financial consequences – Due to a more complex stakeholder network, this category of opportunities requires a more advanced commercial strategy. For example, the risks of birds being struck in aviation are significant and well-documented. This sector is a challenge because the risks lie with the individual airlines, but the power to deal with the hazard lies with the airport.

Together with the CEO and other members of the Leadership Team, the Head of Commerce will identify which regions and industries Bird Control Group should focus on, define the best go-to-market strategy for each playing field and implement the strategy together with the commercial department and network. The commercial department includes the Marketing, Tech Service and Customer & Sales Support teams.

Scarecrows as a Service

Although bird pests directly affect a farmer’s core business, bird repelling will never be the core of their business. So instead of developing a product they can use to solve the problem, Bird Control Group wants to own the bird problem so farmers don’t have to worry about it anymore. In other words: Bird Control Group will transition from pushing boxes to a service model. To better suit the needs of its clients, Bird Control Group will operate, optimize and maintain bird repellent systems. Scarecrows as a Service, so to speak. As the owner of the customer feedback cycle, the Head of Commerce will lead this transition.

Bird Control Group works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Contact Janko Klaeijsen at janko.klaeijsen@topofminds.com  for more information.


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