Head Data & Analytics Capital Efficiency

Head Data & Analytics Capital Efficiency

  • Analytics
  • Technology
  • Veldhoven
  • Minimum of 15 years' experience
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  • Academic degree
  • Minimum of 15 years’ experience
  • Setting up data/analytics department and driving capital efficiency
  • Leading teams
  • Stakeholder management in an international matrix organization
  • Business strategy development, process management, dashboarding, budgeting and operations
  • Knowledge of Finance

Microchips are at the heart of modern technology, from smartphones and cars to AI, augmented reality, and MRI scanners. As a world-leading manufacturer of chip-making equipment, ASML is powering innovation. To take insight-driven decision making to the next level, ASML is strengthening its data & analytics capabilities and hiring a Head of Data & Analytics Capital Efficiency. 

About ASML

ASML develops and manufactures complex technology and machinery to create semiconductor chips generating, transferring, storing, analyzing and applying vast amounts of data. The manufacturer keeps Moore’s Law alive by enabling its customers to produce ever smaller, cheaper, and more powerful semiconductors. ASML is a catalyst for innovation and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.

The lithography leader is headquartered in Veldhoven and employs nearly 25,000 people worldwide, spread across 60+ offices in 16 countries. In 2019, ASML’s net sales added up to 11.8 billion euros. A key driver behind the company’s success is innovation. That’s why over a third of ASML’s workforce and close to 2 billion euro each year are allocated to R&D.

Data & Analytics
Manufacturing products at this level of complexity, accuracy, and scale is no walk in the park. It relies on an extremely well-organized business, an extensive network of reliable, high-quality suppliers, and advanced forecasting methods. To keep everything in check, come what may, ASML is currently setting up an advanced Data & Analytics ecosystem to take insight-driven decision making to the next level. This will enable the organization to create advanced data models that include non-financial drivers as well as financial metrics to enhance decision support by providing integrated, quality and timely insights that drive business value.

Vacancy: Head of Data & Analytics Capital Efficiency

The Head of Data & Analytics Capital Efficiency is a new role within ASML. The mission is to set up and lead one of the new analytics hubs as part of a larger transformation program within Finance. The hub will be the main sparring partner for business management teams across business lines and sectors on Capital Efficiency. It’s a high-impact role, ultimately leading to the adoption of insight-based, high-quality decision making throughout ASML.

“This is an excellent landing spot to make a lasting impact while securing a promising career path within ASML.” – Michiel van der Harst, Head of Financial Planning, Analysis and Decision Support at ASML

The Head of Data & Analytics Capital Efficiency will set up the strategy, roadmap, priorities, and operational processes for the analytics teams working on Capital Efficiency. Driving the organization towards the next step on the roadmap will include strong team management (10 FTE), senior stakeholder management, forging alliances with other analytics hubs in the company (e.g. product improvement and product development), and bringing the outside view in.

The span of influence of the Head of Data & Analytics Capital Efficiency is much wider than the analytics hub dedicated to Capital Efficiency. As a thought leader on setting up an efficient, state-of-the-art analytics organization in a highly dynamic and high-paced environment, the Head of Data & Analytics Capital Efficiency will contribute to the greater business transformation. The goal is to create a collaborative environment in which all analytics hubs within ASML strengthen each other.

The Head of Data & Analytics Capital Efficiency reports to the Head of Data & Analytics and has frequent exposure to senior leadership.



ASML works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
To express your interest, contact Annelijn Nijhuis via annelijn@topofminds.com.


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