Group Commercial Analyst & Controller

Group Commercial Analyst & Controller

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Stage Entertainment Group operates in eight countries and sells 10 million tickets to well-known musicals such as the Lion King, Tarzan, Petticoat and Ciske de Rat every year. At the end of 2015 CVC Capital Partners bought the majority of its shares from Joop van den Ende. This new partnership is opening a lot of doors.

Stage Entertainment Group

Its founder, Joop van den Ende feels very confident about the partnership and says the following in a press release: “With the new shareholder there is room for some pretty big steps. We get to grow from 10 to 20 million visitors a year within the next five years to come.” Focus lies on professionalization, which is why Just Spee was hired as the new CEO in September 2015. His job is to restructure and create a platform to expand even further. Spee hired Marijn de Wit (former as CFO to make this happen.

Vacancy: Group Commercial Analyst and Controller

The Group Commercial Analyst and Controller is a financial strategist, responsible for optimizing the commercial results of all national organizations. The Stage Entertainment Group wants to create more opportunities for cooperation between countries (between The Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Spain, Russia, France, Italy and USA) which allows teams to learn from each other, become more efficient and professional and to improve their financial results. It is down to the Group Commercial Analyst and Controller to pave the way. They know what questions to ask in order to unearth the right data. This makes for more uniform commercial results, allowing for better comparisons to be drawn between countries. Based on this information the Group Commercial Analyst and Controller creates a clear-cut management information dashboard and dispenses advice as well. These are geared at sales- and marketing departments. For instance on the results of marketing spending when it comes to ticket sales and sales performance. Or advice on taking on best practices overseas. The Group Commercial Analyst and Controller is a key player in monitoring and redirecting commercial results of all the national organizations. In order to achieve success the Group Commercial Analyst and Controller works on building strong relationships with these national organizations, based on mutual trust. A trusted advisor who empowers their marketing- and sales coworkers all over the world, by supplying concrete insights. Building such relationships calls for a certain level of seniority and experience in stakeholder management. Apart from the Analyst aspects of the job this person is responsible for the entire marketing budget of the Group as a Controller. The Controller guards the budget and ensures budget agreements are adhered to. Control sets the tone and keeps the administration in order. At any given moment they know how much can still be invested in marketing and where this leads to the best results possible. The Group Commercial Analyst and Controller reports to the Head of Group Control and works together with the Commercial Director.


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