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Global Expansion Manager

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Getting from point A to point B quickly and efficiently on a durable e-scooter for 30 cents a minute, all through an app. felyx is the first scooter sharing system in The Netherlands. Currently, 108 e-scooters are driving through the streets of Amsterdam. In six months that number needs to increase to 1000, both in The Netherlands, and abroad. Founders Maarten Poot and Quinten Selhorst are looking for a Global Expansion Manager to take on these ambitious plans.


Most good ideas are simple. Maarten and Quinten found themselves in a car2go, stuck in Amsterdam’s busy traffic, while cyclists and scooters kept overtaking them from all sides. This planted the seed for the idea of a smart mobility service.
A 400k capital injection helped the two former consultants in raising their idea out of its infancy. In August 2017, felyx opened their head offices in Amsterdam and the e-scooters hit the streets. Connected to an innovative tech platform, the app is simple to use: you register your driving license, select an e-scooter near you and park inside the service area. Usage, from starting up to switching off – all through the app. A perfect solution for young professionals, freelancers, and students with the desire to quickly and flexibly make their way through a busy city.

Furthermore, the service is a sustainable solution for other issues. It helps with the reduction of air pollution – a hot-button issue on the city’s agenda. It’s also a sympathetic and quiet alternative for regular scooters, about which there are many complaints. The e-scooters are electronically limited to the legal limit of 25 km/h and are equipped with a friendly bicycle bell.

The consultant’s mindset

felyx fills a need in the market and the company is miles ahead of its competition. Maarten and Quinten used data to put every facet of their business plan to the test and selected all the best options. The felyx scooter is the best e-scooter on the market, and the hardware and software on which all the applications run have been finetuned to perfection. Because of their agile, iterative approach, the company is always able to immediately adapt to changes. This provides felyx with distinctive capabilities, potential for growth, and possibilities for innovation in an ever-changing market.

“We’re a scale-up set up to be scalable from day one, with the potential to become a market leading global platform – and that’s our plan. However, it’s all pioneering work which means everything’s a first. This makes for an exciting journey new employees will need to put their heart and soul into to ensure success. People that share our urge for adventure, with the same open-minded, fresh yet ruthless entrepreneurial spirit. – Quinten Selhorst, CEO Felyx

Independent autodidact in a strong team

The new Global Expansion Manager will need to explore the field and just like the founders, he/she will need to feel comfortable with ‘learning by doing’. He/she feels right at home in the scale-up ecosystem in which knowledge, initiative, own responsibility, and the capacity to innovate creatively are indispensable.

It sounds as if you’ll be thrown into the deep end, but that’s not the case. felyx is a relatively small company with a strong, tight-knit team. Marketing, Finance, and IT work together closely and transparently to ensure optimal results. Maarten likes to compare it to a team sport – there’s no ‘I’ in team.

Operational final responsibility

The Global Expansion Manager will be end-to-end P&L responsible for strategy, scaling, and execution of the (inter)national rollout. From The Hague to Maastricht and from Berlin to Beijing. This means: forming local interdisciplinary teams, lead them and make them self-sufficient giving them the confidence for the next rollout. This requires champions league level talent with gusto, commercial insight, and scale-up experience. He/she will get a key position with a salary to match, an equity stake, and a say in deciding future strategy.

The operation must remain easily scalable. Since its inception, Maarten and Quinten have been thinking four steps ahead in their choices, financial models and business plans. With that blueprint as a guide, the Global Expansion Manager will come in with an assignment that could sound something like this: in Q1 2019, we want to expand to The Hague, Rome and Prague. The Global Expansion Manager will find an even better, more efficient, and more inventive way, based on thorough data-intensive research.

Strategic and resourceful

The Global Expansion Manager explores international markets through his or her broad network and extensive knowledge concerning urban mobility. Relevant questions are: Which cities are suitable for the next step towards growth? How do you get in contact with the local government, venture capitals and strategic partners? How do you set up a successful operation as efficiently as possible? He/she pushes the boundaries of what’s possible and set the bar high. Why not, when you know the friction that comes with ambition always yields the best results?

felyx, with all their potential, are holding a pair of aces. The Global Expansion Manager knows how to play that hand on the international market. With confidence, boldness, and the solid research necessary to convince stakeholders. From cleverly obtaining information to pulling the right strings and getting things done quickly: The Global Expansion Manager shows the leadership to quickly get felyx firmly in the international saddle.


  • Passionate about operations and mobility-services
  •  Shows entrepreneurial leadership and creatively solves problems
  • Dedicated and motivated
  • Knowledgeable in urban mobility
  • Keeps sight of the big picture and is immune to stress
  • Pragmatic and delivers top quality
  • Agile, iterative way of working
  • Team player


  • Building and leading high-performing teams in a rapidly changing market
  • Has been part of start or scale-up
  • Access to an extensive network in international urban mobility
  • Has previously operationalized and scaled up a concept successfully

felyx works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy. Contact Annelijn Nijhuis at for more information.


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