Global Continuous Improvement Manager

Global Continuous Improvement Manager

  • Strategy
  • Consumer
  • Amsterdam
  • Minimum of 4 years' experience
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We’ve all been there: another late night at the office, the supermarket is closed and there is nothing edible in the house. There is a good chance that you will order a fresh meal via, known in the Netherlands as As the market leader in continental Europe and Israel, this meal delivery service currently finds itself in the midst of a hypergrowth phase. The internationally oriented Global Continuous Improvement Manager’s task is to ensure that all branches work equally effectively.

About, originally from the Netherlands, is one of the first meal delivery companies in the country and has become an integral part of our society. Hardly any restaurant owner or consumer is not affected by it nowadays. It started in 1999 as a platform on which restaurants offered their own meals and delivery services, and has grown into an international and publicly listed company.

Over the past twenty years, the platform has been further developed and expanded with new features. Since 2016, for example, has had its own delivery branch called Scoober. This enables hungry customers to order meals from restaurants that do not have their own delivery service. It sounds very simple: restaurants put their menus on the website and takes care of the delivery. Very handy, but for the meal delivery service itself, this amounts to a lot of work.

“In this market it is winner takes all. We intend to be the winner, which is why we are developing our delivery service into a best-in-class company with the right people, technology and processes.” – Mark Deumer Global Director Operations

Within this business model, the competition is tight, making the market extremely competitive. As a result, companies are constantly thinking creatively about how to reinvent themselves in order to gain, maintain and increase their market share. Thanks to the delivery branch, the number of orders, and therefore the turnover, is increasing significantly. With the prospect of a possible international merger, this will continue to rise.

You don’t just become the market leader out of nowhere. After a number of years of external focus, the basis is now being tackled. The strategy is already in place and the Lean team is growing steadily. The goal is to develop an international Lean machine that works effectively with the global department. And this is exactly what the Global Continuous Improvement Manager will be responsible for.

Vacancy: Global Continuous Improvement Manager

This Lean expert creates, implements and maintains a continuous improvement-infrastructure. He or she supervises the Lean team and further develops it in the matrix organization. The Global Continuous Improvement Manager sets the goals, develops tools and delivers results by executing Lean projects him- or herself. Not only for the Dutch branch, but also for six European branches of the company. Thanks to the new Global Continuous Improvement Manager’s knowledge, expertise, and skills, Lean will soon be deeply engraved in Takeaway’s DNA.

From remote and emergency management to strategic and tactical work methods, this manager knows the ropes. In order to keep the business flexible and agile, the Global Continuous Improvement Manager focuses on process management, quality management, and quality assurance. This role implies a high level of visibility within the organization. This requires, among other things, an autonomous personality who likes to share best practices with internal stakeholders. And furthermore, someone who makes for an excellent strategic sparring partner for the management team.

“The turnover doubles every six to twelve months. Our growth can only be labelled as bizarre and we work with young people both nationally and internationally. We are now reaching the size of a corporate, which calls for a more policy-driven approach without letting go of that youthful spark. The Global Continuous Improvement Manager brings calm and control to this fast and dynamic company.”Arjen Blokland Global Manager Staff Scoober Operations has hired local Lean specialists for the roll-out of the Lean method. They implement the Lean method at their own offices and provide coaching for their colleagues. They also report to their own coach: the Netherlands-based Global Continuous Improvement Manager. Experience in managing and training international staff remotely is, therefore, a must. Thanks to strong communication skills and a young mindset, this knowledge-sharing expert can bridge cultural differences in no time at all.

The Global Continuous Improvement Manager works from the head office in Amsterdam and reports directly to Arjen Blokland, Global Manager Staff Scoober Operations. Global works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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