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Finance Analyst

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With over € 10 million in seed investments and a further investment roadmap secured, mobile start-up Chama is guaranteed to set a global market on fire. The app is a game-changer in home-delivery for gas, which is a huge market in South America, Africa and Asia. Within two years, Chama will reach 10 million customers. Joining the start-up at this stage as a Finance Analyst will be a career-defining opportunity, with career perspectives such as full financial responsibility for new markets.

Uber for gas

The mission is to provide consumers who are not hooked up to the national grid a convenient alternative for ordering their cooking gas. Each month, millions of people all over the world run out of their cooking gas. The re-ordering process is very repetitive and involves calling several local dealers to compare delivery times and current prices. Chama aims to empower these consumers by providing them a mobile platform from which they can choose their preferred dealer based on price, quality or ETA.

The team currently consists of 36 professionals. The Product Development, Data Science and Investor Relations teams are based in Amsterdam and Marketing, Sales and business development teams are based locally, for example in São Paulo. The first version of the Chama app was launched in Brazil in November 2016. By the end of 2017, the Chama team will expand to approximately 60-70 employees, and it looks like by the end of 2018, the app will be in use by over 10 million people.

“We’re meeting milestones at tremendous speed – often exceeding forecasts. Needless to say, this has huge consequences for the rate at which the company is maturing. It’s more crucial than ever that we hire the right people who can help us with that.” Read the full interview with Founders Marijn van de Ven & Bram Ellens

In order to facilitate the rapid expansion (both in terms of functionality and geography), gaining insight in the business, forecasting and reporting to the investor become more and more important. That’s why they are looking for a Finance Analyst to join the team.

Vacancy: Finance Analyst

The Finance Analyst will report directly to the CFO, Ivo Verlinden, and will work closely together with the Finance Manager Brazil and the investor.

The Finance Analyst will assist with the budgeting and year plan development, controlling the Brazilian organization, global cash flow analysis and forecasts, monthly reports to the investor and developing processes and financial dashboards. The Finance Analyst will also play an integral role in securing the next round of funding and tax subsidies such as the Dutch WBSO/Innovatiebox.

Considering that Chama is a start-up, a hands-on mentality is key for all team members. Where necessary, the Finance Analyst will also take on ad hoc financial task and operational work.

“Working at a start-up is not for everyone. On the one hand, there’s a high level of unpredictability, a lot of processes that still need to be established and very little time. On the other hand, we’ve got huge budgets and a very professional investor with high expectations. It’s a balancing act and a unique learning experience. And when your hard work starts to pay off, the career opportunities are tremendous.” – Ivo Verlinden, CFO

A likely next step for the Finance Analyst would be to become Finance Manager or Director for one of the new markets.


  • Comfortable in an agile environment
  • Proactive
  • Ambitious
  • Hands-on mentality
  • Confidential and reliable


  • Strong communication skills
  • Can create clarity and predictability from ambiguity
  • Analytical
  • Attention for detail


  • Relevant academic degree
  • Solid background in Finance or Accounting


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