CRM Manager

CRM Manager

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Talpa E-commerce’s auction platforms add fun and excitement to online shopping through their bid and win model. Vakantieveilingen in The Netherlands and Belgium and Vivabid in Belgium and France allow millions of users to compete in daily bidding on the best days out, weekends away, and the latest gadgets. 


With seven million subscribers to their newsletter and more than five million customers, Talpa E-Commerce is one of the largest e-commerce players in The Netherlands and they’re working hard to reach that same level in Belgium and France. At the end of 2017, Talpa Network bought Emesa, the company behind e-commerce labels, to be part of the full-funnel media strategy in which different channels strengthen one another to realize the continued growth of the platforms.


The user-data of millions of visitors and registered users provide a wealth of information about the preferences and interests of (potential) bidders in these auctions. That data is put to work by Talpa to develop new, surprising auctions, such as trips on which grandma and grandpa can come for free, but also to approach customers with relevant content and spur them on with a personalized newsletter. Advanced data analysis is at the center of all this and it’s up to the CRM team to execute the subsequent customer-contact strategy.


The CRM Manager develops a strategy focused on building a base of ambassadors who are being involved in an active manner, causing them to visit the platforms and participate in the auctions more frequently. He/she manages a team of 7 FTU consisting of two CRM Marketeers, two Database Marketeers, an Email Specialist, and two Data Analysts. Together with his/her team, the CRM Manager develops, tests, and automates several multi-channel, touchpoint- and customer-contact strategies, all of which involve a great deal of personalization. Here, the team uses a variety of channels and touchpoints, of which email, push-notifications, and the platforms themselves are the most important.

To further automate the mentioned personalization, Talpa E-commerce is currently working on the rollout of next-best-action marketing. Here, the focus is on increasing the customer-lifetime-value by implementing a unique customer journey for every visitor. Not a single user is the same, so at customer-level decisions are made about which outings are relevant at which time for visitors from various segments. For example, insight into users’ willingness to travel decides whether a day at the zoo in Emmen could be interesting for a specific customer from Utrecht. This is also why Amsterdam-based users will not receive an auction for a hotel, but rather one for a trip to a sauna in Amsterdam in their newsletters.

The CRM Manager is responsible for the integration and optimization of these and comparable campaigns aimed at further increasing retention and customer value. KPI’s, in this case, are margin, NPS, and active user base.

Besides the focus on automation and personalization, Vivabid was launched in France at the beginning of 2018. The CRM Manager plays a key role in the rollout of both the French and the European growth strategy. The CRM Manager is also closely involved with Talpa Network’s overarching data management projects, one of them being the development and integration of a channel-transcending DMP.

Together with the Brand & Communications Manager, the Online Marketing Manager, the Customer Care Manager, and the Data Analytics Manager, the CRM Manager makes up Talpa E-commerce’s Marketing MT and he/she reports directly to Marketing Director Harry Bruijnis. Here, the CRM team works closely with the other teams.


Talpa E-commerce is growing, and data is at the center of their growth strategy. This means the CRM Manager plays a crucial and very transparent role within the organization. The international growth and diverse range of labels within Talpa Network offer a perfect platform for continued growth.



  • Entrepreneurial
  • Commercial and result oriented
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Pragmatic vision
  • Adept at stakeholder management
  • Creative and solution-oriented


  • University degree
  • Minimum of five years in CRM
  • Of which a minimum of two years in a management role and experience with implementing multi-channel user journeys
  • Experience with automation of multi-touchpoint campaigns and channels is a pre
  • Knowledgeable in data- and campaign management systems such as Selligent, Relay42 or Tealium is a pre

Talpa E-commerce works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy. Contact Jessica Lim at for more information.


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