Country Manager Benelux

Country Manager Benelux

  • General Management
  • Consumer
  • Minimum of 15 years' experience
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  • Minimum of 15 years’ work experience in consumer goods, retail or home & design
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • General & Business Management
  • Self-motivator
  • Great communication skills
  • Team player


In 2017, CURA of Sweden was founded. Within three years, the company experienced impressive growth – becoming market leader in Sweden. Their next step: raising international awareness about weighted blankets and their contribution to improved sleep and increased well-being. The Country Manager Benelux facilitates optimal growth of the business and manages all local operations within the Benelux region. 

About Cura of Sweden

Until a few years ago, very few people knew what a weighted blanket was or what it does. Johan Andersson, founder and CEO of the company, established CURA of Sweden with a mission: scaling the defendable niche business globally, and familiarizing people with weighted blankets and the significant health and sleep benefits they offer. Earlier this year, private equity firm Verdane invested in CURA of Sweden, heavily boosting its international ambitions for expansion.

A staggering third of people in the Western world experience sleep issues; ten per cent even take sleep medication on a regular basis. Since weighted blankets were introduced in hospitals and health care institutions fifteen years ago, results have been remarkably positive. People suffering from mental disorders such as ADHD, anxiety or depression benefit greatly from sleeping under weighted blankets. However, weighted blankets are not exclusively beneficial for people with mental disorders or sleep issues. On the contrary, the blanket ensures people generally fall asleep more quickly, experience deeper sleep, and wake up feeling more relaxed and reenergized.

Effective (off-line) marketing strategy
Despite the market initially not being familiar with weighted blankets, the concept proved to be successful very quickly. A highly effective off-line marketing strategy played a big part in its success. This strategy entails partnerships with various off- and on-line resellers. The recently installed Country Director Finland signed soccer legend Jari Litmanen to become a brand ambassador. Partnering with inspiring ambassadors and influencers is a vital part of the marketing strategy, and the company is now investing heavily in its own e-com and in digital marketing. After establishing CURA of Sweden as a premium brand on the market, more sleep-improving products can follow, such as mattresses and foam cushions.

En route to becoming a global market leader
After its successful track record in Sweden, CURA of Sweden is ready to take the next step(s) to reach its long-term goal: becoming a global market leader in innovative and high-quality bedroom products for improved sleep and increased well-being. As CURA’s product range is growing rapidly, so is its distribution market.

Now that they are the market leader in Sweden, the company is ready to introduce CURA’s premium brand to Western Europe. After installing country directors in Finland, Norway and Germany, it is time for the Benelux to follow suit. Considering that competition is high, it’s important to seize the moment now.

Vacancy: Country Manager Benelux

The Country Manager Benelux plays a crucial role in realizing CURA’s growth ambition for the niche market in which it operates. They will define a clear, future-proof strategy for the business, aimed at increasing local awareness of the brand and growing a distribution network amongst a selected number of resellers. An extensive professional network and sales experience in the FMCG-market – preferably in consumer goods, lifestyle or home and interior design – is definitely advantageous.

Positioning a premium brand
In the Benelux – and other international markets – marketing will also be a vital ingredient of the company’s go-to-market approach. The Country Manager knows how to build and position a premium brand within the market. An entrepreneurial mindset is crucial: the business needs to be established from scratch. Starting with finding office space, sales canvassing, reaching out to carefully selected retailers and resellers, introducing them to weighted blankets and CURA of Sweden in a compelling and convincing way, leading to sustainable partnerships, and building a high-performing team along the way – the Country Manager is responsible for the entire trajectory. Given traction in the market, the next step will be to hire and manage a local sales organization.

Close connection with Swedish HQ
Although the Country Manager is solely responsible for building the business and enacting a successful local strategy, they obviously aren’t alone. Lines of communication within CURA of Sweden are always open: the Country Manager Benelux is in close contact with the Swedish-based Head of Marketing, Head of E-commerce, and other HQ departments to keep things running efficiently and ensure optimal customer service and experience with regard to operations, HR, accounting and logistics.  The Country Manager continuously gathers and analyzes performance data – such as customer feedback, marketing ROI, sales volume development – and utilizes this data to inform decision-making. They report directly to Johan Andersson, CEO.

Self-starting, entrepreneurial mindset
The ideal candidate is an experienced commercial professional with strong sales skills and a hands-on approach. Experience in consumer goods is a must-have, ideally having been closely involved in – or even in the lead of – launching a consumer product and building a team in the Benelux. Since e-commerce is anticipated to be the biggest driver for growth, experience in that field is a big plus, too. The ideal candidate is an extremely entrepreneurial spirit who demonstrates sharp insight into the market, and knows how to navigate it most efficiently and successfully. A confident, flexible and self-starting mindset is critical to establish goals, deliverables, timelines and budgets and to get the job done.

Cura of Sweden works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Contact Janko Klaeijsenat  for more information.



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