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Client Success Manager

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There have never lived as many people in urban areas as right now. The new reality is a world in which an increasing amount of people live and work in relatively small spaces. EDGE Technologies, the largest Real Estate Technology company in The Netherlands, thinks that the world needs to become greener, smarter, and healthier. They want to realize this through buildings that can think for themselves: smart buildings. To fulfill this mission, the position of Client Success Manager has become available.


As far as EDGE Technologies is concerned, the commercial real estate market is in serious need of change. Mobility changes our way of life: health and well-being are on everyone’s agenda and the ‘Internet of Things’ makes everything in our lives measurable. By 2040, over 65% of the world’s population will be living in cities, which already account for 70% of the world’s yearly energy consumption. This, combined with a working population with increasingly higher expectations in the areas of well-being and inspiration, shows us we’re in dire need of different types of buildings. The world needs better buildings.

“EDGE Technologies is a proactive company. If there’s a change in the market, we’re right on top of it because that’s where the most interesting things happen. We are capable of identifying market trends early, and our adaptive organizational structure allows us to immediately take action.” – Coen van Oostrom, CEO EDGE Technologies

Since its foundation in 1997, EDGE Technologies has developed into an internationally renowned company with offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Berlin and New York. Currently, the real estate developer is transforming into a technologically minded company with the purpose of implementing technology to connect people, and to create a healthy, sustainable environment. In a smart building, sensors measure everything. Think about sensors that help employees find the ideal workspace in the building by simply using an app on their phone connected to their agenda for that day. This enables EDGE Technologies to increase the employees’ freedom of choice and in turn, their productivity. 


Sensor technology plays a central role in The Edge in Amsterdam. In the world’s most sustainable building, sensors don’t just contribute to efficiency, they also ensure the perfect ‘human experience’. In this innovative office building, you can use an app on your smartphone to control both the light and the temperature in your workspace, and the heat recovery ventilation system ensures an overall healthy indoor climate. EDGE Technologies raises the bar for a new generation of buildings. Their ambition is for people working in these buildings to leave feeling better than when they came in. This is realized through a healthy indoor climate, sufficient daylight, a design focused on nature and movement, and healthy nutrition. This all is supported by the latest technology focused on making the days run as efficiently as possible.

EDGE Technologies is focused on the development and long-term exploitation of a new generation of buildings in various European cities, like London, Paris, Berlin and Hamburg. The aim is to build multiple EDGE-buildings on the same technological platform. This highly integrated network of ‘Internet of Things’ technologies forms a bridge between the systems in these buildings and the tenants. Data analyses and self-learning systems ensure continual improvement of energy-based performance, sustained occupation, and user productivity.


The Client Success Manager plays a key role in the relationship between potential tenants and buildings. Potential tenants could, for example, be innovative Fortune 500 companies. These companies are often looking for an office building with the perfect ‘human experience’ because this enables them to attract and hold on to the very best employees. The Client Success Manager shows how real estate and technology make this possible and presents this in a creative and convincing fashion to these key-accounts.

The Client Success Manager will team up with the Senior Client Success Manager. Together, they ensure customer focus is the norm for both the commercial approach as well as EDGE Technologies’ products and services. The aim is for long-term engagement, which will pave the way for a stable platform for all projects. In practice, this means the Senior Client Success Manager sets the broad strategic guidelines for selecting high potential clients. The Client Success Manager will approach prospects with the aim of obtaining multi-level contact within the organization: from HR Manager and Facility Manager to Chief Technology Officer. The Client Success Manager translates customer wishes into seamlessly connecting EDGE Technologies inspired solutions.

Furthermore, after closing the deal, the Client Success Manager remains in the picture as the first point of contact for the customer. Is the customer experiencing the service expected beforehand? Are the building’s features and possibilities in line with the customer’s wishes? The Client Success Manager protects the customer’s interests within the organization and simultaneously functions as the Product Team’s representative at EDGE Technologies. Internal stakeholder management is an essential aspect of this position.

“Naturally you ensure EDGE Technologies’ exposure to make sure people have heard about you, but it’s all about ‘meaningful interaction’. The Client Success Manager knows our proposition inside and out, and by combining this with an extensive knowledge of the customer’s situation, he/she knows exactly when to provide them with just the right information.” – Sara Veldhuizen, Senior Client Success Manager at EDGE Technologies


An Account Executive or Business Development Manager at an innovative, sustainable company, ideally with (international) experience in a B2B environment and a relevant network. An Account Manager with a commercial profile and extensive experience in handling large deals with a relatively long lead-time. Experience in real estate is not a must, unlike affinity with the three pillars on which EDGE Technologies is built: sustainability, well-being and design.


  • Minimum of 8 years’ relevant experience
  • Adept at account management
  • In charge of the entire transaction management process
  • Has a network of tech innovators (or is capable of building one quickly)
  • Strong Excel and PowerPoint skills
  • Fluent in English and Dutch, French and German are a pre


  • Identifies with the vision: ‘The world needs better buildings’
  • Combines analytical skills with a commercial drive
  • High energy
  • Passionate, creative and result-oriented
  • Able to deal with time pressure and a dynamic environment
  • Change agent


EDGE Technologies works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Contact Barbara Sauter at
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