Chief Operations Officer

Chief Operations Officer

  • Operations
  • Sustainability
  • Utrecht
  • Minimum of 7 years' experience
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Packaly approaches the parcel delivery industry on its own terms, and has been exceptionally successful in doing so. The company puts sustainability first, working with bike couriers for delivery, and smart algorithms to calculate unique and efficient routes every day. The Chief Operations Officer will streamline the operations of the fast-growing company.

About Packaly

Packaly is the leading last-mile platform when it comes to CO2 emissions-free delivery. It started in 2020 with an idea based on the founder’s first business. Axel ran a online bike shop and noticed that orders were shipped from his central location in Utrecht to an out-of-town distribution center, then back to customers in Utrecht. Cost-efficient perhaps, but a disaster from a sustainability viewpoint. Axel consulted some bike couriers and together they came up with the idea of Packaly: a bicycle-only, last-mile delivery player that works with a range retail companies.

Starting with a focus on sustainability and one-hour delivery, the company quickly realized that discretionary timing rather than speed was important for customers. Packaly is now essentially a tech company, where the development team builds smart algorithms to create efficient bicycle delivery routes that factor in customers’ preference for a specific date and time of delivery. This contrasts with the market’s traditional models of zip code-based delivery schedules or same-day delivery.

Packaly is well-funded by three institutional investment parties and two angel investors. The team of 20 is driven primarily by their shared passion for making a positive impact. The company’s mission of sustainable and customer-friendly package delivery is leading in every strategic decision. Packaly now partners with companies like Lush, Rituals, Zalando, en De Bijenkorf. Packaly delivers in 125 municipalities in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

Job description: Chief Operations Officer

Having invested primarily in its IT development so far, the time has now come to increase the focus on operations. The Chief Operations Officer (COO) will lead this effort, reporting to but also working on a strategic level with the CEO. The COO will lead the planning, coordination, and oversight of Packaly’s operational activities.

The COO’s mission is to deliver customer and operational excellence across the company, with all relevant internal and external stakeholders. They will support Packaly in its accelerated growth phase, by strengthening and streamlining the operational delivery process. The COO is responsible for the long-term strategy of the operations department while also managing the department’s day-to-day.

“The COO plays an important role in synchronizing our teams. In order to scale, we need our operations to be fully aligned with our tech platform, and our internal HQ organization to be fully aligned with our delivery team.” – Axel Dekker, CEO and founder of Packaly

Packaly’s operations require a streamlining and structuring effort, in which the COO will play a crucial role. With their background and experience in operations and team management, they will lead the department’s effort in creating more standardized ways of working and adhering to guidelines on a daily basis. The COO also works together intensively with the CTO and the tech department, to understand the latest developments on the platform and adjust the operations accordingly. With their knowledge about (logistical) operations and their network in the logistics industry, the COO is pivotal in making the organization more scalable. As such, the COO helps Packaly increase the pace to get things done and build a foundation for consistent, structured ways of working.

This role is ideal for a strong performer in the logistics, delivery, or related industry, who has seen operations up close and knows how to build a strategy and lead a small but growing team. At Packaly, the COO gets the chance to grow as a leader and an expert while also having an immediate impact in scaling a zero-emission delivery company.



Packaly is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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