Chief Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer

  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Amsterdam
  • Minimum of 10 years' experience
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Speakap is one of the fastest growing Dutch scale-ups. Ever since it was founded in 2009 this branded communication platform opened offices in New York, London, Barcelona, Cologne and Brussels. The end is not in sight yet. Its Chief Financial Officer plays a pivotal role in the continuation of Speakap’s impressive national and international expansion.

About Speakap

In 2009 students Erwin van der Vlist and Patrick van der Mijl had a side gig as teamlead in retail. Both encountered the same problem: the inefficient, often irrelevant internal communication that both they and their team had to deal with on a daily basis. There should be a better way, they both felt. And there was.

Over ten years later Speakap is a successful one-stop-shop where people from all layers of the organization are able to find relevant, work-related information. The platform is the #1 employee communications app in Europe that 500 companies among which parties such as Rituals, Nike, Talpa and IKEA-in over 120 countries make use of.

Through Speakap they communicate in a simple, clear and efficient way with their thousands of employees throughout the organization, all over the world and in more than one hundred (!) languages. The Amsterdam Head Office employs 70 people, while at the New York, London, Barcelona, Cologne and Brussels offices they just opened up shop.

Continued growth and international expansion
Even in 2020, Speakap grew by 40%. Many companies would be jealous of these stats, if it weren’t for the fact that the scale-up grew by in 80% pre-covid times. By now Speakap has returned to its former growth level, that they had before the corona crisis hit. This continued growth and international expansion means the organization is facing some very important financial decisions. The CFO devises the strategy that allows Speakap to grow optimally from a financial perspective.

Vacancy: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Speakap’s explosive growth calls for a decisive, strategic CFO who ensures the organization has the financial infrastructure to be able to facilitate the continued growth. And in order to scale-up even more quickly in the future. The CFO devises a sound short- and long term financial strategy, and makes financial calls that determine the future of the organization. Of course the responsibility for these models, sharp analyses and ditto reports lie completely with the CFO.

With a results driven approach the CFO looks at how financial processes and systems can be improved. And they proactively take the lead in optimizing it. That makes the CFO not just an operational actor who checks on others but also a strategic coach who ensures the financial strategy lands within the organization and is carried out optimally. Risk management and the relations with external parties (such as investors and banks) are part of their agenda.

Interesting strategic financial queries
At this point multiple strategic dilemmas call for the vision of the qualified CFO. The continued international expansion at Speakap sets the organization up for interesting queries on a financial level. That also holds true for possible acquisitions in the future. With these kinds of trajectories the CFO is closely involved. Experience with M&A is very welcome, as well as previous experience in international upscaling of a (SaaS-) organization.

The CFO leads a driven Finance Manager and Finance Officer. They are a part of the Executive Management Team and report directly to Patrick van der Mijl, CEO. For everyone within the organization and out of it the CFO is an ideal sparring partner, an inspiring coach and an omniscient narrator when it comes to the financial decisions and future route at Speakap.

“Speakap has some important strategic decisions to make in terms of finances. That’s why everyone looks to the CFO for guidance. They know exactly what’s in store and what choices would benefit Speakap most. This means the CFO plays a very important part in the future of the organization and has all the space to grow along with us.” – Annelies den Boer, COO



Speakap is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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