Business Innovation Manager

Business Innovation Manager

  • Strategy
  • Health
  • Gouda
  • Minimum of 8 years' experience
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Healthcare data is increasingly important. As a data trust, Farminform has been providing an accurate insight into the pharmaceutical market for more than 50 years, from a fully independent perspective. Farminform is looking to expand its current data offerings with a newly developed data model.
The Business Innovation Manager will be part of both the design and launch of this healthcare data model.   

About Farminform

Farminform’s insights into the Dutch pharmaceutical market keep healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies up-to-date on the latest market developments. They can then use that information to effectively manage the market or shape their policy. Farminform’s extensive databases facilitate the exchange of high-quality, reliable market information.

Farminform originated as a data collective of pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesaler distributors. It is a data trust financed entirely by the users of the information. As part of their new healthcare data model development, Farminform is investing in sustainable cooperation with organizations that help healthcare providers use medicines as appropriately and efficiently as possible to help their patients.

Essential information for the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare providers
Farminform provides its users with key data, including usage and logistical information on more than 20,000 medicines. Public bodies such as the government use Farminform data to monitor and adjust for things like the effect of national medicine policy.

Collecting, enriching, and providing logistical and other data on medicines was Farminform’s core business for decades. As the data needs of today’s users change, the current business model will continue to be developed and expanded. The new healthcare data model will contain both integrated clinical and pharmaceutical data. Healthcare providers, patients, and manufacturers all benefit from an integrated model. As an independent intermediary and data broker, Farminform has the ingredients to successfully launch this proposition in collaboration with its partners and continue developing as a data trust.

Vacancy: Business Innovation Manager

The Business Innovation Manager will be the driving force behind the transition to the healthcare data model. They will take ownership of the various strategic initiatives and projects to further develop the model. To the outside world, the Business Innovation Manager will be the face of the healthcare data model.

Increased market confidence and new partnerships
They will introduce the model to hospital pharmacies and other stakeholders and be able to clearly and convincingly position the proposition and its added value. The result: even more confidence in the pharmaceutical market and new collaborations around data exchange with hospitals.

Enriching current data sets
The Business Innovation Manager will also take a close look at Farminform’s current data sets. They will use in-depth research to determine the value of the data, identify how it can be optimized, then successfully market new propositions for the data sets in an agile way.

With years of experience in the industry, the Business Innovation Manager understands better than anyone what hospital pharmacies, healthcare institutions, and pharmaceutical companies are facing, and what they need. They should have an entrepreneurial mindset and be highly skilled in consultative selling. Consulting skills, a commercial drive, and staying power are essential.

“Farminform is constantly changing. As a Business Innovation Manager, you can not only make a huge impact on that change and the future of Farminform but also on the role of healthcare data in the appropriate use of medicines.” – Luuk Renfurm, Managing Director

The Business Innovation Manager will join the small, driven Farminform team. Together with colleagues in data analysis, project management, account management, ICT, legal, and finance, they will work every day to make Farminform’s goals a reality. Decisiveness, creativity, and strong social and communicative skills are absolute must haves in this role.
The Business Innovation Manager reports directly to Luuk Renfurm, Managing Director.



Farminform is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
To express your interest, please contact Annelijn Nijhuis at


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