Business Advisor to the Group President

Business Advisor to the Group President

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The Business Advisor to the Group President gets the opportunity to help shape the growth strategy of an international 2 billion euro business group. In this impactful role he/she will learn from the best, being closely involved with the senior leaders of a global corporation. Business Advisor to the Group President is a promising step from consulting to the business with the potential to grow towards a leadership position.


Wavin provides plastic pipe systems for a wide range of residential and non-residential purposes. Its systems, solutions and services are essential in addressing the needs of everyday life, such as safe supply of freshwater and gas, control of wastewater and storm water, and energy efficient heating and cooling of buildings. Wavin’s products are feasible for both below and above ground applications. The company sells mostly through merchants to installers, contractors, water/gas companies and municipalities. The company reaches out to these end-users via various digital platforms, extensive marketing and consultative selling.

Key to Wavin’s proposition is good quality and service. The company upholds the highest standards of sustainability and reliability. Part of that promise is a continuous focus on innovation, making it one of the global leaders of its industry.

“What I like about this company is that we are ahead on many topics, like digitalization or professionalism. On other topics we can learn from other industries. That provides numerous opportunities to make steps and create impact.” – Melvin Meijer (former BCG), Director Business Excellence and Business Development

Wavin is headquartered in Zwolle and reports yearly revenues of 1.2 billion euros. The company is active in over 25 countries, has 29 production locations and more than 5,000 employees. In 2012 Wavin became part of the conglomerate Mexichem, a Latin American company and world leader in pipe systems and active in Chemicals and Materials. As of October 1st, Wavin and Amanco (another commercial brand) merged and became part of Mexichem’s newly formed Building & Infrastructure Business Group.


Mexichem is a stock listed company with family characteristics (majority shareholding with the Del Valle family). The company started as a producer of commodities and has extended its operations towards specialty and value-added products in industries like building and infrastructure, data communications, irrigation, compounds and specialty chemicals.

The mission of Mexichem is to provide innovative solutions to global challenges, such as urbanization, population growth and water shortages. The company works on better infrastructure, enhanced and reliable connectivity, new water management solutions and intelligent irrigation systems and farm-management techniques.


Mexichem sells its products in over 100 countries and employs more than 22,000 employees. Over the past 15 years the company has shown extraordinary growth, increasing revenues from 250 million to about 7.5 billion dollars. Driver for expansion is a series of successful acquisitions that strengthened Mexichem’s presence in key regions and added knowledge, skills and proprietary technology. With average EBITDA margins of around 20 percent, the company is able to finance its own growth.


The CEO of Wavin, Maarten Roef, has recently become the President of the Business Group Building & Infrastructure (2 billion euros, 12,000 people, over 80.000 SKUs, active with own presence in over 40 countries with more than 60 production locations). He has taken on this position in addition to his responsibilities as CEO of Wavin.


The key task of the Business Advisor is to support Maarten in growing the Business Group Building & Infrastructure and becoming a leading global player in that segment. The Business Advisor explores opportunities in new markets, such as India, Indonesia, the US, Canada and the Sub-Saharan region. He/she analyzes e.g. competitors, market dynamics and potential acquisition targets to formulate the right strategy for market entry and subsequent expansion.

The Business Advisor is involved in a very broad range of cross-functional topics and projects: operational, tactical, commercial, strategical, etcetera. Supporting a Business Group President of a 2 billion euro business requires planning ahead, prioritizing under pressure, aligning with senior stakeholders, anticipating moving panels and working comfortably under tight deadlines. To cope with these dynamics, the Business Advisor has a strong organizational talent.


Working closely together includes traveling around the world both with Maarten and independently. The Business Advisor gets the opportunity to interact with Maarten and other senior leaders in the organization frequently. He/she will be closely involved in executive-level decision-making and be able to learn from professionals in the top of a successful global corporation. That makes for great development opportunities that prepare him/her for a future leadership position.

“My Business Advisor is key in driving the growth of the Building & Infrastructure Business Group. The role will be dynamic, fast-paced and with a high level of ambiguity. I’m looking for someone who thrives in such an environment.” – Maarten Roef, CEO of Wavin and Business Group President Building & Infrastructure of Mexichem

 Candidate profile

  • 3+ years in strategy consulting
  • Background in technology is a plus
  • Due diligence and M&A experience is a plus
  • International background is a plus


  • Self-starter
  • Meticulous
  • Independent
  • Comfortable with deadlines
  • Flexible
  • Strategic
  • Business minded
  • Analytic

Wavin works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Contact Imke Peters at for more information.


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