Senior Regional Operations Manager

Senior Regional Operations Manager

  • Scale-up
  • Amsterdam
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Today it might be hard to grasp that Uber didn’t exist ten years ago. Over the past nine years the company became the poster child of digital innovation. Uber is for taxi services what Google is for search engines. The company is currently active in about 785 metropolitan areas around the globe and is expanding fast. The Sr Regional Operations Manager is responsible to streamline the growth of Uber Eats in the EMEA region, by optimising the processes across local markets.

Uber: more than 5 billion rides

Uber started as a peer-to-peer ridesharing network, first in the US, but by now active around the globe. Back in 2014 Uber breached the treshold of 1 million rides per day and in 2016 surpassed the 5.5 million rides a day mark. Last year the company completed the 5 billionth ride. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Uber currently operates in about 140 cities, and is rapidly expanding its activities.

What started out as a mobility platform, evolved into something much broader. Uber offers ridesharing, taxi service, bicycle-sharing and food delivery, and is continuously looking for new and exciting ways to expand its portfolio. Amongst other things, Uber is currently working on self-driving technology and urban aviation ridesharing (Uber Air). Uber Air should be operational in Dallas and Los Angeles by 2023.


The extent of Uber’s revolutionary impact on the world is best shown by the introduction of the term ‘Uberisation’. The term is used by students, scholars and economic journalists. Uberisation means the utilisation of computing platforms to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions between clients and providers, often bypassing the role of centrally planned corporations.

Uber works on going from a giant global carsharing platform towards a global urban mobility platform. The company aspires to set the world in motion. Its mission is to help people around the world to go to all kinds of places in all kinds of ways. The company makes it easier for people to live without a personal car. Uber aims to replace the personally owned car with a smartphone.

Your favorite restaurant at your kitchen table

Uber Eats is Uber’s food delivery service. It allows you to enjoy the food you love from your local restaurants in the comfort of your own home. The service is very easy to use. In the app customers can scroll through the feed of local restaurants for inspiration or search for a particular restaurant or cuisine. Once you have found something you like, you just tap it to add it to your cart. Before you confirm your order, you can see an estimated delivery time and the price (including booking fee).

When it all looks right, you simply tap to order. You can pay with the credit card Uber has on file, so there is no need for any cash. After the order is placed the app keeps you up to date real-time. It tells you when the restaurant has prepared your meal and allows you to follow the delivery as it makes its way to your home. The app is very easy to navigate and makes ordering food extremely convenient.

Uber Eats is available in almost any larger city in the US, Europe and Australia and in increasingly more cities in Africa, South America and Asia. Uber Eats gives restaurants the opportunity to reach new diners, deliver food to returning customers and add a revenue stream to the business model. The delivery of Uber Eats is, depending on the location, done by car, bike or scooter.

Vacancy: Sr Regional Operations Manager (Marketplace) EMEA

The Sr Regional Operations Manager is part of the Uber Eats Regional Operations team that helps to scale the most impactful processes and initiatives and drives innovation. The team builds tools and processes to ensure a balanced marketplace for eaters, restaurants and couriers.

Drive eater experience and marketplace reliavility

The Sr Regional Operations Manager identifies operational optimisations in reliability and efficiency of the marketplace, and courier payout. He/she provides data driven insights (e.g. analytics and dashboards) on these topics to local markets, along with insights on general process and product performance. The Sr Regional Operations Manager drives key KPIs related to eater experience and overall reliability in the marketplace.

The activities of the Sr Regional Operations Manager include live-ops monitoring, system settings, fraud, pricing and incentives. He/she improves existing and designs innovative new processes, with the objective to allow the business to operate more efficiently and continue growth.

“We are growing rapidly. That makes Uber a constantly changing work environment. The Sr Regional Operations Manager has to be able to deal with these dynamics. He/she has to work closely with a divers set of stakeholders and has to be able to communicate effectively, taking into account our high pace and tight deadlines.” – Varun Dadlani, Lead Recruiter Central Ops & Marketing EMEA

Collaboration is key

The Sr Regional Operations Manager has the responsibility to support the local markets from a regional level. He/she actively looks for ways to simplify, standardize and streamline processes across EMEA, for example by identifying local key insights and best practices and implementing those regionally.

Collaboration is a key part of the Sr Regional Operations Manager’s role. He/she builds credibility and delivers value to the local operations teams, and works closely with the cross-functional teams in the EMEA headquarters in Amsterdam and with other regional operations teams, S&P and Community Operations. The Sr Regional Operations Manager ensures the interface between EMEA Operations and Product teams, e.g. by gathering and structuring Product asks, deploying new product features and tracking and following up on bugs.

Candidate Profile

  • 5+ years in Analytics, Operations or Consulting
  • Preferable background: Computer Science or Engineering
  • Excel and data management
  • Proficiency with SQL, R and/or python are a big plus
  • Take initiative
  • Stakeholder manager
  • Creative
  • Solution driven
  • Data driven
  • Decision maker
  • Analytical

Uber Eats works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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