Head of Product

Head of Product

  • IT
  • Amsterdam
  • Minimum of 8 years' experience
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The successful fintech scale-up Recharge.com wants to expand before 2020 is over. Not only by tapping new markets, but also by developing the best digital products in the field of top-up and gift-cards. And in order to bring these innovative products to life, a commercially minded Head of Product will be at the helm.

About Recharge.com

Buy, send and exchange digital (call) credits around the world quickly, safely and easily via Recharge.com. Their advanced software enables anyone in the world to purchase prepaid credit cards, crypto currency and online credits for top global brands such as Google, Netflix and Spotify. Are you abroad and in need of phone credits or a data bundle? Recharge.com is the ideal place for this as well.

What started in 2003 under the name ‘Creative Group’ as an idea to digitize assets, has since grown into an international scale-up with an annual turnover of 200 million (2019). The development of new products and market expansions have led to rapid growth for Recharge.com over the past five years. Headquartered in Amsterdam, the company is now active with 120 FTEs in more than 130 countries worldwide.

“The market for topping up credit digitally is still in its infancy; the infrastructure is still fully geared to physical retail. Recharge.com is changing that now.” – Günther Vogelpoel, CEO

With the capital injection of 22 million Euros by technology investor Prime Ventures, Recharge.com is preparing for even faster global growth. Their growth ambitions are here to stay. Despite the pandemic, the company is tapping into 60 percent growth this year. The company wants to maintain this rate of growth, because within three years a turnover of 1 billion Euros is projected.

All in all, in addition to rapid internationalization and team expansion, Recharge.com wants to focus more on cross-border transactions in the future. There is a three-year plan in place with the aim of expanding horizontally, i.e.: developing and adding new products. The foundation of this growth will be laid in the product team, headed by the Head of Product.

Vacancy: Head of Product

The driven Head of Product has a clear mission: to make the Recharge.com product the clear global leader in exchanging digital value. This professional elevates the product team, the processes and the platform seamlessly to a higher level. Creating the best user experience is the number one priority, without losing sight of the commercial purpose of the Recharge.com product. In this role, the Head of Product is in charge of the strategy, yet doesn’t back down from any hands-on work.

As a member of the five-man Product Tech MT, this person is responsible for translating the commercial three-year plan into a clear product vision. To this end, the Head of Product regularly discusses product improvements and new features with various – international – stakeholders and teams. The ideal candidate can therefore communicate easily and confidently. Moreover, the Head of Product feels comfortable in an agile environment and easily instills a sense of focus.

“We are growing like crazy and we work with enthusiastic, young people all of whom have change imprinted in their DNA. In terms of product & tech, the Head of Product is given carte blanche, nothing is off the table.” – Bas Anneveld, CTO a.i.

An efficient system aimed at execution that will boost the innovation and growth of Recharge.com, that’s what the Head of Product is going to build. This leader provides a strong vision within the growing product team that includes seven Product Owners, one UX Lead and two UX Designers. Thanks to the Head of Product, the team always stays on the right track and everyone knows exactly how and where they can have the most impact. With faster and better results as a result. This solid structure is built in close cooperation with Yevgen Kovalienia, Head of Engineering.

In order to make the very best user products in the field of top-up and gift-cards, the Head of Product cannot rely on a gut feeling alone. When new features are built, they are based on (market) research and best practices. Consider, for example, putting competitive landscape analyses on paper or setting up various user surveys. In addition, this person knows exactly what roadmap decisions need to be made. What will a certain product deliver commercially for Recharge.com and how does this relate to the competitor? The Head of Product has the answer.

Recharge.com works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Contact Hayke Tjemmes at hayke.tjemmes@topofminds.com for more information.


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