Strategic Data Driven Marketing Manager

Strategic Data Driven Marketing Manager

  • Amsterdam
  • Published on 30 July 2019
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By 2021 Heineken wants to reach fifty percent of beer and cider drinkers around the world directly with individualized communication: the right message, at the right time, in the right place and at scale. Individual Data Driven Marketing (IDDM) is the company’s key to success. The Strategic Data Driven Marketing Manager brings IDDM to all geographies and local markets. He/she convinces, coaches and enables local teams to optimally leverage IDDM, engaging and exciting local customers from Tokyo to Buenos Aires and from Cape Town to San Francisco.

About Heineken

Almost everyone on earth would recognize the iconic green bottle with the red star. That’s because Heineken’s products are available in 180 different countries, the company engages in major partnerships with Formula 1 and UEFA Champions League, and its beers starred in the legendary 007 film series. Being the worldwide brewing leader for the past 150 years ranks Heineken among the biggest global brands ever.

One of the unique attributes of Heineken as an organization is its highly decentralized set-up. The company consists of 74 operating companies (opco’s). Each opco is run as a separate entity with high degrees of autonomy. It allows Heineken to be fully on top of local trends and navigate cultural preferences effectively, resulting in great products and exciting campaigns that surprise and animate customers all over the world.

Heineken is currently working on ways to digitally connect with fans on a brand new and more sophisticated level, optimally leveraging their carefully constructed brand awareness and premium brand identity. The company is shifting focus from mass communication to individual data driven marketing (IDDM). Through IDDM Heineken delivers relevant individualized content that entertains and engages their fans even more. An example is the pilot Heineken ran in the UK with hyperlocal geo-targeted ads. As a result, more consumers visited the brewer’s pubs and in six weeks more than 125,000 additional pints were sold.

Vacancy: Strategic Data Driven Marketing Manager

Last year Heineken rolled out IDDM in eleven major markets such as the UK, Poland, Mexico, the US and Brazil. The Strategic Data Driven Marketing Manager takes the next step and makes IDDM the worldwide standard. He/she is the linking pin from HQ’s drawing boards and pilot projects to the local marketing operations all around the globe. He/she leads an Accelerator Squad of about five FTE and reports to the Global Head of Data Driven Marketing.

“Strategic Data Driven Marketing Manager is no walk in the park. He/she needs a pragmatic approach to support local teams, technical knowhow to develop and conduct in-depth analyses and social capabilities to work well with senior management, opco leadership, data scientists and operational teams alike.” – Vaishali Sachdev, Global Head of Data Driven Marketing

The Strategic Data Driven Marketing Manager is strategic partner, in-house consultant and coach to all the 74 autonomous opco’s. He/she guides the implementation of IDDM from high level concept development all the way to road mapping and hands-on operational support e.g. on how to best set up IDDM campaigns, work in cross-functional teams and involve media and creative agencies. The broad scope, decentralization and the differences between opco’s in terms of local market preferences, data availability and analytical capabilities add to the challenge and excitement.

The Strategic Data Driven Marketing Manager deals with a large variety of stakeholders. Next to the opco’s, he/she works closely together with Marketing, Sales, CMI, Media teams, agencies, Legal (e.g. on adherence to privacy regulations), data scientists and senior management. All in all, the Strategic Data Driven Marketing Manager works on state-of-the-art digital marketing and relies on his/her analytical, technological, leadership and change management skills to make IDDM a worldwide success.

Candidate profile

  • Masters or MBA degree, educational background preferably in engineering or computer science
  • 7+ years in consulting with focus on Digital and Consumer Goods / Retail
  • Hands on expertise in analytics, CDP, DMP and digital media buying tools is a must
  • Willingness to travel
  • Proficiency in a language additional to English (and Dutch) is a plus

Heineken works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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Strategic Data Driven Marketing Manager

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Strategic Data Driven Marketing Manager

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Strategic Data Driven Marketing Manager

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