Senior Marketing Analyst EMEA

Senior Marketing Analyst EMEA

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Uber sets the world in motion. The company helps people around the world go to all kinds of places in all kinds of ways. That’s not just about deploying technology to bring people from A to B, but also about driving innovation to bring the future closer. In just nine years Uber revolutionized the way we look at ridesharing and taxi services. Just imagine what else they can do. Key to Uber’s success is astounding growth and expansion. The Sr Marketing Analyst EMEA directly impacts the future growth in EMEA, by deploying marketing resources in the most effective way possible.

From cars to bikes, food and even planes

Uber is a venture-funded startup, headquartered in San Francisco. The company started as a peer-to-peer ridesharing network, but is currently best described as a global mobility and logistics technology platform. Uber’s flagship service still is the taxi service that allows users to request quality, on-demand rides with a touch of their smartphones. The company is rapidly developing new products to broaden its portfolio.

Uber’s current offering include ridesharing, taxi service, bicycle-sharing and food delivery. New and exciting products the company is developing, are for example self-driving technology and urban aviation ridesharing (Uber Air). Uber Air should be operational in Dallas and Los Angeles by 2023.

Startup with tremendous global impact

Currently the company is active in 785 metropolitan areas worldwide, of which about 140 are in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Uber is still rapidly expanding its activities across the world and in EMEA specifically. Only this year Uber launched more than fifty new EMEA markets.

Back in 2014 Uber breached the treshold of 1 million rides per day and in 2016 surpassed the 5.5 million rides a day mark. Last year the company completed the 5 billionth ride. With those staggering numbers and innovative new product developments, Uber works on going from a global car-sharing platform towards a giant global urban mobility platform. The company makes it easier for people to live without a personal car. Uber aims to replace the personally owned car with a smartphone.

The extent of Uber’s revolutionary impact on the world is best shown by the introduction of the term ‘Uberisation’. The term is used by students, scholars and economic journalists. Uberisation means the utilisation of computing platforms to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions between clients and providers, often bypassing the role of centrally planned corporations.

New and improves app

Recently Uber released a new and improved version of the app that helps drivers to work smarter by using more real-time information. The new app is easy to use and more reliable. Uber collaborated with drivers and delivery partners around the world in building the enhanced application.

The new features include alerts on where to drive when it’s busy, information on the real-time demand in the area, and easy access to earning summaries and hourly trends. Another improvement is that when a driver has no cellular service, trips can still be started and ended. The application also helps couriers to navigate safely by avoiding bridges, tunnels and highways. Ideal for delivery partners using a bike or scooter.

Vacancy: Sr Marketing Analyst EMEA

The Sr Marketing Analyst EMEA is part of the EMEA Central Marketing team, and is responsible for creating deep understanding of the impact of marketing efforts on the growth of the business. To do so, the Sr Marketing Analyst deciphers huge data sets and cuts through all the irrelevant distractions, straight to the core insights the data hold. These in-depth data analyses focus on topics like for example channel mix (acquisition or engagement channels).

With his/her insights in efficient marketing, the Sr Marketing Analyst contributes to the marketing strategy and vision for EMEA. He/she drives intelligent budget allocations to maximize growth and builds, documents and scales world-class decision-making tools and reports that help optimize marketing investments.

“We, at Uber, develop products that change the world. That makes the topics we’re working on incredibly interesting and cool, but also very difficult and complex. Therefore we’re looking for a Sr Marketing Analyst that is highly energized and motivated at the prospect of solving difficult analytical challenges with huge impact.” – Varun Dadlani, Lead Recruiter Central Ops & Marketing EMEA

Close cooperation with other teams

Teamwork is a core element of the work of the Sr Marketing Analyst. He/she works closely with other members of the Uber marketing team to design marketing experiments and measure their impact. Together with local and regional Operations, Product, Engineering and functional teams, the Sr Marketing Analyst builds products and processes that improve the analtyics capabilities of Uber. He/she is the voice of all analytics related matters in EMEA.

Candidate Profile

  • 5+ years in Marketing Analytics, at leading agency or in tech/e-commerce
  • Strong understanding of attribution modelling, ideally in app & web business
  • Managed large marketing budgets, both off- and online
  • Stellar SQL and Excel capabilities
  • Experience with R or Python is a plus
  • Experience with advertising technology and related measurement (e.g. cookies, device ids, MMPs) is a plus
  • Analytical
  • Communicator
  • Strategic
  • Teamwork
  • Organisation skills
  • Amazing with numbers

Uber works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy. Contact Roland Vetten at for more information.


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