Senior Consultant People Analytics

Senior Consultant People Analytics

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According to the Global Human Capital Report 2017 by Deloitte, 71 percent of companies around the world see people analytics as a high priority in their organizations. ING is one of the frontrunners in this transition, with a sizeable team in place at the international Headquarters, dedicated to applying data science to the people side of the businesses. There is currently a vacancy on this team at senior consultant level. 

ING’s analytical approach to HR and talent development

Imagine the amount of data available in an organization with over 54,000 employees. Statistics on employee turnover, worker flows, mean and median earnings for continuing jobs and new hires, performance, employee satisfaction – essential information to run the business. Especially when it can be linked to other business data such as customer experience, facilities management and bottom-line results.

“Data, data and more data… there’s no getting away from people analytics. It’s so important, that we set up a separate team for it within the HR department at ING.” – Hein Knaapen, Global Chief HR Officer

Hein Knaapen started the HR Intelligence & Analytics team in 2013. This team is rapidly developing ING’s capabilities across the group so that all decisions related to human capital management will be driven by facts and insights. The head of the team, Brydie Lear, reports directly to CHRO Hein Knaapen and she is a member of his Management Team. Though a lot of results have already been achieved in recent years, there is still vast untapped potential. As the protection of sensitive information is valued highly, all concerns around this topic have been addressed in cooperation with Legal. Frameworks for reporting on HR Analytics have been defined to that the operational part of analytics can be outsourced. The team (15 FTE) is now focusing on developing new models and innovative HR technology using advanced analytics to unlock actionable insights and developing innovative HR technology.

The goal is gaining actionable insights in what really matters to employees and which human capital investments really drive business results. This information is vital for higher management. The team applies two methods to generate these insights: statistical hypothesis testing and exploratory data analysis, which can help uncover unexpected patterns in the data that may lead to new hypotheses. With all projects, it is regularly checked whether the insights that they may generate are actionable, and ensuing recommendations would be in line with ING’s ethical and legal code.

“We have a strict code of only using People Analytics for the good: hiring the right people and enabling them to make the most of themselves.” – Brydie Lear, Global Head of HR Intelligence & Analytics

About the vacancy: Senior Consultant People Analytics

The Senior Consultant will be on the front line, identifying business priorities, acting as a sparring partner to Management throughout the Group and leading innovation projects to develop HR solutions for strategic challenges.

The Senior Consultant will work closely with the management to frame the business needs and prioritize projects accordingly. They will translate business requests into data requirements and vice versa. Members of the team all have the drive to stay up to date with internal and external developments in the area of big data, analytics and applications. Moreover, they continuously challenge each other to think about how these developments can be applied to ING’s people analytics initiatives, and propose improvements and new initiatives. The scope of the role is global, and the Senior Consultant will work with international teams such as procurement and sustainability.

Landing spot for consultants

The Senior Consultant will combine stakeholder’s request with external information, conduct a primary research, keep track of progress and present outcomes in a meaningful and accessible way. This will provide (Senior) Management direction and advice. All in all, the Senior Consultant will push change initiatives forward in the HR domain with relevant information and metrics. Because this requires a balanced skill set of strategy, strong communication and analytics, a background in consultancy is a natural fit. Because several other members of the team have a similar background, consultants will be able to hit the ground running.

“ING is one of the front runners in the domain of People Analytics, and the Senior Consultant will further accelerate the development of this discipline. Now that’s what I call impact.” – Imke Peters, Senior Consultant at Top of Minds

Candidate Profile


  • Gamechanger, keen to drive innovation
  • Strong communication skills
  • Affinity with analytics
  • Team player
  • Thrives in a demanding international environment


  • Minimum 5 years experience
  • Consulting
  • MSc and/or MBA
  • Affinity with HR and/or organization development
  • Excel and statistics packages like SPSS or Minitab

ING works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy. Contact Roland Vetten at for more information. 


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