Product Development Manager

Product Development Manager

  • Rijswijk
  • Minimum of 3 years' experience
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Euro Pool System has been a sustainability pioneer for more than 25 years. This European company has developed a wide range of crates for packaging fresh products. By developing new, more innovative packaging solutions, the Product Development Manager will uphold Euro Pool System’s pioneering role. 

About Euro Pool System

Circularity is the guiding principle at Euro Pool System. The company was founded in 1992 by three European packaging pools seeking to put an end to inefficient fruit and vegetable packaging. Making packaging as reusable and sustainable as possible is still the driving force behind the organization.

Their reusable crates have been a resounding success from the very beginning. That should come as no surprise, as they are not just sustainable, they are strong, stackable, clean, and always available on time at service centers across Europe. Euro Pool System is part of the Euro Pool Group (EPG), along with partner La Palette Rouge (LPR). Euro Pool System has seen incredible growth in recent years.

Today, their crates and pallets are the gold standard used by hundreds of retailers and manufacturers across Europe for fresh produce. That market position allows them to simultaneously optimize the distribution chain and build a better, more sustainable future.

New, state-of-the-art crates and pallets
Returnable packaging is the sustainable answer to the challenge that many retailers and sectors currently face. As a leading European logistics service provider, it is an area where Euro Pool System sees plenty of opportunities to grow. New, more sustainable crates and pallets that the company is currently developing play an important role in that growth. The Product Development Manager is responsible for creating, developing, and rolling out innovative product and market combinations from A to Z.

Vacancy: Product Development Manager

The Product Development Manager is focused on designing new crates and pallets. The requisite knowledge is readily available within the organization. Translating the idea clearly into practice will be one of the Product Development Manager’s main responsibilities. And a crucial one, too, because product development is the lifeblood of the organization and a must-have for remaining innovative and sustainable and for keeping competitors at bay.

Product development is a complex process that can easily take 1-2 years. Each product has to meet countless requirements and pass through every phase in the innovation funnel. The Product Development Manager will maintain an overview during the entire process and provide structured guidance on how to introduce and integrate the product into the business.

“Returnable packaging is the truly sustainable answer to the challenge retail and industries are facing. The innate desire to make a difference is at the heart of both Euro Pool System and the people who work there.” 

Portfolio of innovative projects
An inquisitive, analytical mind is key to this role, along with a drive to conceive and develop real game changing products. The Product Development Manager should always be looking for innovative opportunities and concepts to optimize the supply chain and make it more sustainable. They will work side by side with another Product Development Manager to create a product portfolio filled with feasible, innovative, solution-oriented ideas.

The Product Development Manager should have a project-based mindset that allows them to take structured, decisive steps to get things moving. Technical knowledge and project management skills are a must, experience in the retail market a plus. The Product Development Manager will inspire and share their expertise with Euro Pool Group’s other teams and regions.

The ideal candidate will be an energetic, results-driven project manager with an affinity for sustainability and circular packaging. They will have the communication skills to build support internally and externally. The right person will also have a pragmatic approach and proactive mindset that is focused on the long game. A passionate drive to really make a difference for Euro Pool System, its customers, and the world is a definite plus.



Euro Pool System works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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