Director E-commerce

Director E-commerce

  • Marketing
  • Varsseveld
  • Minimum of Minimum of 8 years' experience years' experience
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Kramp is a B2B niche player in technical spare parts and accessories in the agricultural industry with an extensive international footprint and a strong track record of growth. The company is the digital frontrunner in its industry and is currently launching a new webshop with strong personalization opportunities. With targets around traffic, conversion, and NPS, the Director E-commerce is responsible for optimally leveraging Kramp’s new state-of-the-art digital channel. A crucial role, given that 98 percent of all orders flow through their digital channels such as the flagship webshop.

About Kramp

Kramp is the largest agricultural wholesaler in Europe. The company provides dealers with spare parts and relevant accessories. Kramp started almost seventy years ago as a one-man shop in Varsseveld and since then developed into a full-fledged multinational with sales offices in 24 different countries in Europe. It has 11 warehouses and employs over 3,500 employees.

Kramp enables its customers to focus on what they do best: running their business to keep the farms running. With fast delivery, 24/7 order processing and expert advice, the company focuses on shopping convenience and product knowledge and enables dealers to operate as efficiently as possible. Kramp is not just a supplier, Kramp is a strategic partner.

Family business

In many ways, Kramp still feels like a family business. Its people are down to earth, friendly, open and cooperative. The company encourages people to take initiative, be creative and speak their mind. Kramp uniquely combines the vibe of a family business with international success.

“Our people are proud to work here. They are loyal and show great employee satisfaction. We’re a real family business. Everyone is eager to help each other.” – Eddie Perdok, CEO

Twenty years ago, Kramp was the first company in the industry to have their own webshop. Now, Kramp is the first to put customer journey and experience at the core of its strategy. The company is currently launching a new webshop and works towards full dealer personalization on their digital channels, based on extensive data coupled with digital marketing activities.

Vacancy: Director E-commerce

The new Director E-commerce reports directly to the Chief Data Officer (CDO) and member of the executive board, Arnoud Klerkx and is responsible for optimally leveraging the possibilities of the digital channels to reach the maximum commercial outcome. This position is a strategic leadership role, being part of the top 25 leadership team. He/she will lead a team of about 35 people (of which 5 are direct reports), consisting of product/channel owners, e-business marketeers, UX Designers, SEO & SEA specialists, conversion specialists, CRM specialists, and dynamic pricing engineers. Business Intelligence is also part of this department. The teams work closely together with Kramp’s innovation Hub in Utrecht and with other key stakeholders in the Head Office in Varsseveld.

“The Director E-commerce is someone who takes ownership and strives to get the most out of our digital channels. They should be a real team player with vision, servant leadership and a strong focus on execution. Leading and developing their teams as well as working closely together with key stakeholders is an important part of the role. I expect the Director E-commerce to take the organization to the next level.” – Arnoud Klerkx, CDO

Formula 1 driver

The Director E-commerce works closely together with the Digital Innovation team. Their collaboration can best be described by looking at Formula 1: Digital Innovation builds and continuously innovates the car and the Director E-commerce is Max Verstappen, who can tune the most optimal settings to get the commercial results out of the webshop/digital channels. Just as in Formula 1, optimization is continuous and data-driven. The KPIs for the Director E-commerce are about traffic, conversion, and NPS.

Kramp’s digital channels are used day-in, day-out by their B2B customers. The webshop is essential for digital presence, but the customer service tools, configurators, business solutions, and the knowledge center also add value for the customer experience.

Collaboration is key

Collaboration is an important aspect of the role of Director E-commerce. Their main stakeholders, besides the Digital Innovation team, are category management, sales, product data management and the marketing team. The Director E-commerce works within the commercial guidelines and is a strong partner in the monthly commercial management meeting with Sales, Category Management and Marketing.

The local Sales Directors and their teams are other key stakeholders. Kramp works with one centralized platform that allows local adjustments on content and email marketing by online marketers within the countries. Also, several digital marketing tools are extensively used throughout the countries. The Director E-commerce has to liaise with the countries to ensure optimal use of these centrally led marketing technologies.

Kramp works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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