• Product
  • Consumer
  • Amsterdam
  • Minimum of 10 years' experience
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  • At least 10 years’ experience
  • In C-level operations management
  • With cloud managed services and possibly professional service
  • Strong in change management, leadership and people skills
  • Organizational

* Research shows that while male candidates feel confident enough to apply when they meet about 60% of the requirements, female candidates only apply when they tick every box. So if this role has your name on it, but you’re not sure about the criteria, we still want to hear from you.

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Over the past 24 years, Amsterdam-based cloud hosting and managed services provider True has built a strong reputation and accumulated a robust client portfolio. Now the company is poised for its next stage of growth, with a shift in focus to a full-service, cloud-native IT partner. The new Chief Operations Officer will lead the sweeping change in operations.

About True

Ready, set, scale. Amsterdam-based True takes a unique approach to helping clients with hosting, Kubernetes and cloud solutions. Always doing it simpler, better, more efficiently and, above all, smarter: that comes naturally to True. The company sets its own standard, in resources, in people, and in mind-set. Only the best solution counts. That goes for clients and partners and it goes for True and its “Trueligans”.

True is part of The Digital Neighborhood (TDN), a community of tech companies focused on all things Microsoft Cloud and AI. Private equity group EMK Capital holds a major stake in this group. Its buy-and-build strategy has led to some great acquisitions in recent years, such as Pink Elephant. In the coming years, too, the group expects more national and international acquisitions.

Hybrid cloud will become strategically most important to True in the foreseeable future. Thanks to further entrenching of the collaboration with a major strategic partner, a robust, full-service, cloud-native company will emerge with a unique proposition and the positioning to match.

This all means quite a lot for the company’s operations. From Consultancy to Managed Services and Continuous Improvement, these will all fall within the scope of the new Chief Operations Officer. And a lot of change and improvement is expected in these areas too.

Vacancy: Chief Operations Officer

The new Chief Operations Officer will be using their vision, knowledge, experience and decision-making skills to shape the new, cloud-native proposition of True’s

Operations. The COO will be the driving force behind the sweeping professionalization of all of the company’s operations, meaning of the entire team. The company aims to grow to more than a hundred FTEs within the next two years, with the focus on quality, security and efficiency.

The shift towards a full-service, cloud-native company means that careful consideration must be given to the question, “How do we present this in the market?” It also means that the operations side of propositions and delivery must be organized as efficiently as possible, with a fresh, client-oriented vision.

And so the COO will be passionate about addressing the challenge of significantly improving the quality and stability of operations, including by making operations more data driven, managing the volume and value of the client portfolio more strategically, and creating a top-fit tooling portfolio that supports all of this. There is a lot of drive and positive energy at True right now; still, both the current and new processes and working methods need to take a significant step forward to reach the next maturity level if the company is to realize its growth ambitions.

With their people skills and experience in change management, the COO will know how to take the enthusiasm and drive of the Trueligans and mold this further to achieve True’s vast ambitions. They will be able to can inspire the Operations team and get them on board with these essential major changes.

Team and culture

The COO will be part of management, alongside an HR Manager, CFO, CCO and CEO. They will directly manage five team managers and a two-person delivery team. The COO will coach and support these managers in performing their duties in the best possibly way as well as in their growth and development.

True combines the best of two worlds: it has the culture of a startup with the client portfolio of a corporate. The company has a deep-rooted culture in which love of technology is a powerful binding agent, which is clear by name of the company’s own bar (Truebadour) and of the people who work there, dubbed “Trueligans”.

“True is on the verge of taking a crucial new direction in its business strategy. With 24 years under its belt, True has already taken the requisite twists and turns to remain relevant in the market. It is truly exceptional to have a financially healthy company with so much experience, and yet with the culture and drive of a startup..” – Marilou van Doorn, CEO

This is a great opportunity for a person with the required experience and a well developed vision on cloud operations to help a strong, financially healthy company with a unique culture take the next step. It opens the way to them putting their people and leadership skills to good use, guiding the company through the next period of growth and success, in all areas.


True is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
To express your interest, please contact Hayke Tjemmes at


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