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The COO at ON AIR gets the unique opportunity to join the leadership team of a startup from the very beginning. And not just any startup. ON AIR has the potential to revolutionize the entertainment industry. The company allows people to watch live events (music concerts, theatre, opera, ballet, etc.) in real time from their own living room. So you never have to miss a Bieber show ever again.


Hardly anyone goes to concerts or theatre as much as they would like. Often life gets in the way; whether it’s the kids, the difficult logistics or the tickets that sold out in no time. With ON AIR we can experience these events as if we were part of them, but without leaving the comfort of our own home.

ON AIRs a real-time live event streaming platform for music, theatre, opera, ballet, comedy, and other live performances. People can go the platform (website, mobile or smart tv) to browse upcoming events, buy tickets to a live broadcast, chat with other fans, get up to date on your favorite artists and watch the latest music videos.

Key to ON AIR’s proposition is its premium production quality. That’s why the startup partnered with award-winning production teams that worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, and Adele. ON AIR is currently having talks with major labels and performers to film, produce and distribute the best shows and performances.


ON AIR is founded by u.Digital, a family-owned investment company. Jakub Krampl, who started ON AIR, is the CEO and Director. His background is in investment banking in London, specializing in tech and media.

ON AIR has formed strategic partnerships with several businesses that helped bring the project to fruition. The technology development is handled by Hungarian and Dutch developers and is built on top of Akamai’s delivery system. There’s a team of three talent executives responsible for handling relationships with artists and labels and the management is advised on all legal matters by a specialist media, technology and IP law firm from London.


ON AIR is nearing its product launch. The platform has been built and is now being tested extensively. The Talent Team, responsible for sourcing artists, and the Legal Team, responsible for drafting contracts, are in place. That gives the COO the chance to join the team when the business is just about to take off.

“The COO should be able to spot problems and solve them before they become an issue. A real entrepreneur who works effectively in the dynamic and fast-moving world of entertainment.” – Jakub Krampl, Director and CEO


The COO is Jakub’s counterpart. While he focuses on bringing in new artists and events, the COO makes sure the events are broadcasted flawlessly. That includes overseeing the partnerships and commercial agreements, e.g. with the production company and the marketing agencies, coordinating between admin, tech and support teams, and working with clients to get approval on content and design of event pages.

Another key responsibility of the COO is to build the team. He/she hires new employees, makes sure the capacity of the team matches the scale-up of the business and puts office management processes and tools in place.


As part of the leadership team, the COO needs commercial, strategic and operational qualities. He/she will be involved in major strategic decisions – e.g. when to start building in-house tech development capabilities, or which new features to add to ON AIR’s proposition later on – and needs to be able to troubleshoot operational issues on the spot.


  • Experience in entertainment and live TV
  • Experience with operations, administration and customer service
  • Experience working with company director(s) previously
  • Preferably working knowledge of iOS, Android, Apple tvOS, Android TV, ROKU, Samsung Tizen, LG WebOS
  • Working knowledge of contracts

ON AIR works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Contact Catherine Visch at for more information.


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