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  • Strategy
  • Consulting
  • Amsterdam
  • Ongoing recruitment
  • Minimum of 2 years' experience


  • 3 years experience
  • In any field or industry, e.g. technology, financial services, academia, start- or scale ups
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

* Research shows that while men feel confident enough to apply when they meet about 60% of the requirements, women only apply when they tick every box. So if this role has your name on it, but you’re not sure about the criteria, we still want to hear from you.

Bain & Company’s Amsterdam office is noted among clients and consultants as an inclusive environment with a relentless focus on impact. Within an exceptional global organization that has a strong focus on professional and personal development, Bain Amsterdam stands out as a popular office for international transfers. Bain is continuously looking for top talent, and is currently focused on attracting experienced top performers from various backgrounds.

Strategy Consulting at Bain

Conquering clients’ most strategic challenges with solutions that stick – that is the daily business of strategy consulting at Bain. The approach is highly analytical. Intelligently structuring a problem, to ultimately simplify it and allow for effective solutions, is crucial to each project. At the same time, there is a strong focus on the interpersonal aspect. After all, consultants not only work together in teams, they also drive change for their clients, who trust the team with their most pressing problems. Bain promises to not merely give the best theoretical advise, but also bring solutions with both immediate and lasting impact.

“Clients look to us for a rigorous analytical approach and pragmatic solutions to improve their business. For a customer centricity project at a digital company, we defined a set of customer-centric offerings to grow revenue in a target segment. We determined customer needs, mapped the technical capabilities against the product portfolio to define solutions, and developed salesforce training to maximize effectiveness with real customers.” – George Sunderland, Principal

Bain serves a broad range of industries, and its consultants are typically generalists. Contrary to other strategy firms, Bain chooses to integrate digital into all of its practices. Bain also continues to invest majorly in proprietary digital expertise, to stay on top of its game on a global level.

Unrivaled opportunities at a unique office

Within Bain, the Amsterdam office is famous for being a particularly attractive place to work. The office is medium in size, with around 200 consultants – allowing for a lot of diversity, but remaining at the perfect scale to get to know everyone. Bain’s deliberate and distinguishing choice for a home office staffing model enables colleagues to work with people from the same office, even if that is on projects abroad. This allows for a strong sense of collaboration and connectivity among consultants, while still providing plenty of opportunities to travel and work with international clients. The home office is always investing in the long-term growth and development of its people.

‘Build your own Bain’ is an Amsterdam-native personal development program through which consultants can shape their own course, off the beaten path. This might encompass external education programs, time off for a personal pursuit, or temporarily working elsewhere to gain expertise in a different field. Part time work is also fully accepted.

Career propeller

At Bain there is no such thing as a comfort zone. The learning curve is steep and constant. For experienced hires who have a background in an industry, academia, a startup or elsewhere, more often than not these exceptional learning opportunities are the reason they chose Bain. The broad exposure to different types of clients, industries, and projects only adds to the learning opportunities. Meanwhile, their ability to understand clients’ challenges from an industry perspective, and their unique and personal views on leadership, make these experienced hires valued members of the Bain family right away.

Bain would like to meet exceptional professionals who find themselves becoming restless – missing, for instance, variation in their projects; inspirational senior leadership to work with; or becoming demotivated by the slow pace at their organization. At Bain, they can expect a career propeller that guarantees to keep them moving. And whether a candidate has the ambition to ultimately make it to senior partner, or merely gain invaluable experience and then move on to a new goal, taking the step toward strategy consulting at Bain is a surefire way to develop the skills needed to bring any ambition within reach.

A Bainie never lets a Bainie fail

Bain consultants describe their teams as fun and extremely supportive. Team members challenge each other to bring their best to the project, every single day. The practice of regular non-hierarchical feedback, informal and formal mentorships, and the use of several tools to shape communication within teams, helps ensure that every colleague benefit from the opportunities Bain has to offer. This is especially relevant given Bain’s focus on sustaining a diverse pool of generalist consultants – a group of high achieving individuals with very different backgrounds and personalities.

Strategy consulting at Bain is a career for people who like to be challenged. It is not a nine to five job. However, the supportive and honest culture ensures that consultants make choices that are right for them – both from a personal and a professional perspective.

Bain’s motto that ‘A Bainie never lets a Bainie fail’ starts at the interview process. Candidates are coupled with a buddy who is available for informal meetings to develop a sense of what a career at Bain would entail. The interview process, which consists of case interviews and discussions about personality and experience, is designed to be challenging – but the recruiting team at Bain wants to see candidates succeed. Candidates will therefore find that Bain invests in their success from the very beginning.

“Once a candidate starts his or her interview process with us, all I want is for them to succeed. They put a lot of time and effort in interview preparations. It is my responsibility to facilitate a process that allows them to shine. But more importantly – I really enjoy getting to know these candidates, because they tend to be exceptionally interesting people.” – Eveline Offermans, Team Leader Recruiting



Bain & Company works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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