Chapter Lead

Chapter Lead

  • IT
  • Energy
  • Rotterdam/hybride
  • Minimum of 8 years' experience
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  • From 8 years of experience
  • With software engineering
  • Within a corporate environment with a strong digital component
  • And with chapter structure
  • Technical-strategic vision
  • Building and managing teams (20-40 people)

* Research shows that while male candidates feel confident enough to apply when they meet about 60% of the requirements, female candidates only apply when they tick every box. So if this role has your name on it, but you’re not sure about the criteria, we still want to hear from you.

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Eneco aims to develop into a climate-neutral and digital-first energy company. To this end, it is creating a product-driven digital division, where product, data, and IT come together. The IT chapters provide the technical expertise to the product teams, which are close to the business. The four Chapter Leads build the Chapters – each consisting of multiple teams and technical subdomains – and ensure the highest engineering standard.

About Eneco

With its mission ‘sustainable energy for everyone’, Eneco helps consumers and businesses to live, work, and play more sustainably. The energy company focuses primarily on the radical electrification of industries, mobility, and the built environment; phasing out natural gas; and accelerating the adoption of sustainable heating solutions, such as geothermal energy, green gas, and green hydrogen.

Eneco is active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom under the labels Eneco, AgroEnergy, LichtBlick, Oxxio, and WoonEnergie. The company, headquartered in Rotterdam, continues to grow every year. For example, in 2021, Eneco supplied energy to about 5.6 million customers and reported a turnover of 5.2 billion euros. It also produced a total of 14,735 GWh, more than ten percent more than in 2020, of which about seventy percent was wind and solar energy.

Action is needed now to prevent the planet from warming up more than one and a half degrees and to keep it habitable for future generations. With the One Planet Plan, we take our responsibility. Together with our customers, we are working towards climate neutrality in 2035” – As Tempelman, Chief Executive Officer

Crucial in accelerating the energy transition and realizing the One Planet Plan are Eneco’s digital products and propositions. On the roadmap, for example, is Dynamic Pricing, where rates are adjusted based on current energy supply and demand, and the Virtual Power Plant – a system that connects Eneco assets and third-party assets, allowing Eneco to respond in real-time to energy demand. Also, a platform for heat pumps, which provides installers, maintenance engineers, and consumers with insight into the functioning of heat pump installations, and an App First service model are part of the strategic agenda. To this end, the digital organization is being modernized, with a focus on product (close to the business) and top-quality engineering. The Chapter Leads play a major role in this.

Vacancy: Chapter Lead

The four new Chapter Leads will each be responsible for team development and quality standards in their own Chapter. Their task? Determine the technical bar – for Eneco and the entire sector – and ensure that the engineers in the Chapter strive for the highest standards. Under the leadership of the Chapter Leads, these Chapters work towards the technical-strategic long-term goals, which the Chapter Leads formulate together with the Head of Engineering, Principal Engineers, and Team Leads.
Eneco’s digital organization is currently still in a hybrid situation, as it is in full transition. The four Chapters will each have a clear technical-content focus in the future. The Chapter Leads, together with the Head of Engineering, will further define this structure. Currently, the Chapters are divided as follows: .NET, Online (a combination of frontend systems and functionalities, including Sitecore), Platforms (configurable systems, such as Dynamics and Salesforce), and QA/testing.

Strategic Importance
The Chapter Leads are fundamental in making the transition successful – and Eneco’s overall strategy, which is strongly focused on digital. Each Chapter Lead will set out, within their Chapter’s domain, a strategic vision with a clear focus on technical content. They analyze what is needed to realize this vision based on the existing team and further build the team according to a clear rationale. If necessary, they pitch to the Head of Engineering for more team budget to hire colleagues.

The also carry the HR responsibility for their team and ensure that all potential is utilized. They focus on talent management, create a Chapter culture with strong cohesion between the engineers, and prioritize learning & development. The Chapter Leads forge the engineers in their Chapter into a well-functioning team, even if they work in different product teams.

The Chapter Leads have a management role that also has a lot of HR responsibilities, but still keep up their interest in technology. They have a relevant technical-content background that matches the domain of their Chapter and stay informed about developments in the field. After all, that’s where their passion lies.” – Alex Palma, Head of Engineering

This position is ideal for an engineering leader who achieves excellent results in one of the above technical domains and has solid experience in managing specialists. He/she takes on a role where strategic vision, passion for software engineering, and an ambitious HR policy for a Chapter of 20 to 40 team members come together. This role is a unique opportunity to not only make an impact on Eneco’s digital organization and business strategy but also on the energy transition in society.



Eneco is working with Top of Minds for the fulfillment of this vacancy
Contact Jessica Lim at to express your interest in this vacancy


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