Business Controller

Business Controller

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  • Technology
  • Den Bosch
  • Minimum of 6 years' experience
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Broadview, owned by HAL Investments, is an international holding company that actively works with its operating companies in pursuit of long-term growth, value creation and sustainability. The companies grouped under Broadview – active in surface materials and energy – together employ over 6000 FTE worldwide. The Business Controller works closely with CFOs of companies across the world.

About Broadview

Broadview is an international holding company, active in two clusters: energy and material technology. Their energy cluster focuses on the transition towards cleaner fuels. Together, the companies in the material technology cluster are the global leader in surface materials. Their products are used for home, office and laboratory as well as interiors for healthcare, retail and hospitality. Broadview is characterized by its long term-focus, its fact-based management approach aimed at cooperation between the sister companies, and rapid growth. They are investing seriously in the expansion of the position of the companies in their value chain through acquisitions, innovation and design.

“With our material technology companies, we aim to be net carbon neutral by 2030. We believe you cannot improve what you do not measure. Therefore, our approach is rooted in a fact-based methodology to measure impact in an objective manner to improve our own products and processes. A dedicated team of sustainability specialists at Nemho – our innovation hub in The Netherlands – works closely together with the companies to create transparency and define concrete and measurable improvement steps.” 

Broadview supports a decentralized governance model while ensuring good coordination on strategy and synergies with its operating companies. It has developed a business system that provides the management of the companies and Broadview a framework for cooperation, aiming to ensure coordinated progress on four underlying objectives: control of non-business risk, business growth, maximised contribution to sales growth and thinking ahead when it comes to organization, people and culture.

Broadview’s material technology business has recently more than tripled in size due to the acquisitions of Westag (2018), Formica (2019) and DOS (2020). Broadview seeks to realize synergy potential between its companies, so many cross-company projects have been identified while at the same time these new companies are synchronizing with the Broadview rhythm. Their CFOs report to their CEOs and to Broadview. There is a lot to do: in 2019, a new CFO and five new team members joined Broadview. The aim of the team is to help the companies in steering their businesses properly as well as to identify opportunities for improvement.

The Broadview team consists of 25 professionals with a clear culture. Political behavior is not appreciated, being open and honest is. Mistakes are valued and seen as lessons. The company has a well-defined performance evaluation cycle focused on integrity, responsibility, and transparency.

“We strive towards a culture that stimulates people to learn, have an impact and get the most out of themselves, while jointly aiming to do what is good for the company.’’

Vacancy: Business Controller

The Business Controller has an all-round, responsible, and highly visible role towards the assigned operating companies in three key areas: business control, the implementation of the Broadview Business System, and improvement projects. While reporting to the Senior Business Controller for Material Technology, the Business Controller works closely with the CFOs and the teams of the companies as well as the Broadview CFO.

In terms of business control, the Business Controller will coordinate, plan, and monitor the monthly reporting, quarterly forecasts and annual budget process of the subsidiaries as well as Broadview. This will also include monitoring of the key performance indicators and budget agreements. The Business Controller will also provide in-depth analyses of trends and issues at the subsidiaries.

On Broadview’s business system, the Business Controller will implement, improve, and maintain the way of working at the operating companies. This entails closely cooperating with the companies’ CFOs and identifying improvements, as well as training and supporting companies’ Business Controllers on using the tools effectively.

In addition, the Business Controller will be involved in improvement projects, which can vary in nature and depend on the needs of the business. Past projects have included for example improving the overall operational and financial control in one of our factories, where implementation of better scrap registration systems and mass balances highlight the areas for significant and targeted cost reductions.

“This is a great landing spot from where to grow into a financial (management) position in one of the companies, or a larger responsibility on a holding level.”


Broadview is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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