Fokke de Jong started Suitsupply in 2000 as a web shop. The first bricks-and-mortar store above the A4 served as a pick-up point. Fokke was well ahead of his time – the Dutch market wasn’t quite ready yet for a high-end, online tailor. So Fokke shifted the focus to international (offline) expansion and marketing. And with great success: Suitsupply has become a top brand internationally and has shown double-digit growth for years. And now that customers are ready to buy outfits online, the online business accounts for a significant share of the growth in the business.

In order to maintain and expand the position as market leader, a number of heavyweights have joined the organization, including David Dijkhuis (CFO at Suitsupply and former investment banker at Bank of America Merrill Lynch), and Nick Lenten (CMO/CPO at Suitsupply and ex CMO/CPO/CTO at Coolblue). The growth strategy is aimed at improving the company’s online presence and creating a seamless integrated customer experience in both the online and offline channels. The ultimate goal is to become the best omnichannel brand in the fashion industry.


Suitsupply’s “service position” is reflected throughout the customer journey, across all channels. Customers receive personalized styling advice through WhatsApp, are supported via video chat to choose the right sizes, pay only for the products they want to keep, can return items for free, and get to see relevant product recommendations based on their purchase history. They can also make an appointment with a Stylist through the company’s website, or just order The Box Office home delivery with all the essential items for the season. It’s as easy as that.

Suitsupply is committed to achieving the very best customer experience throughout the entire customer journey. The availability of so many different channels, combined with such a high level of service, ensures that Suitsupply is way ahead of everyone in the international fashion industry. However, there is still room for vast improvement to our current tools as well as the expansion of the channel mix.

Data driven

The goal is to become the best omnichannel player, so for the consumer, there shouldn’t be any obstacles in switching from one channel to another. In addition, the range, price, experience and service between the different sales channels must be seamless. In order to achieve this, a good, insightful and manageable data flow is crucial.

Suitsupply is working on building data-rich customer profiles that will be available to all Suitsupply professionals at any point in the customer’s journey, irrespective of the channel. Stylists will have access to a dashboard displaying all relevant customer information such as sizes, fit, style, and purchase history. Customer service staff will use a similar dashboard. The dashboard will also be available to sales personnel on the shop floor to aid in helping and advising customers in-store.

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