Supply Chain Manager

Supply Chain Manager

  • Analytics
  • Private Equity
  • Amsterdam
  • Published on: 29 December 2023
  • Minimum of 5 years' experience


  • 5+ years’ experience
  • In Supply Chain Management
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Analytic problem-solver
  • Structured and pragmatic
  • Dutch language skills

* Research shows that while male candidates feel confident enough to apply when they meet about 60% of the requirements, female candidates only apply when they tick every box. So if this role has your name on it, but you’re not sure about the criteria, we still want to hear from you.

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Mutares is an international private equity investor focused on medium-sized companies in transitional phases. The Supply Chain Manager will lead the supply chain stream on-site at portfolio companies across The Netherlands and Europe, align  project workstreams and with important stakeholders, create value and drive sustainable growth.

About Mutares

Mutares is a listed European-based private equity holding company specializing in restructuring medium-sized companies and spin-offs. They focus on acquiring parts of large corporations (carve-outs) and medium-sized companies with revenues of 100 million euros to 750 million euros during transitional phases. By leveraging the development potential of the traditionally distressed target companies within an active turnaround process, their teams of operational specialists restructure the businesses, leading them to stable and profitable growth paths.

Known as ‘the equity entrepreneurs,’ Mutares actively supports its portfolio companies with their own consulting teams and through strategic add-on acquisitions. The international holding company is owner-managed, with approximately thirty-seven percent of shares held by the Management and Supervisory Boards that are closely involved in the value creation process. The Mutares portfolio companies operate across a wide range of industries around the world; mainly with Automotive and Mobility, Engineering and Technology, Goods and Services and Retail and Food.

Since opening their first office in Munich in 2008, Mutares has become a global player in the carve-outs and restructurings market. They now employ 27,000 professionals across their portfolio companies. And their team of 140 internal operational specialists manage the entire value creation process from thirteen European offices, including an office in central Amsterdam. Mutares is expanding their business even further across Europe and globally, with plans to add locations in China and the US, too.

Mutares has ambitious growth plans, including to increase their presence in the Dutch market. To achieve this, they are expanding their local team of operational professionals, who understand the market and speak the language, to guide new portfolio companies towards sustainable growth.

Vacancy: Supply Chain Manager

The Supply Chain Manager will play a vital role to successfully optimize Mutares’ portfolio companies. Working on-site at portfolio companies across The Netherlands and Europe, they will lead the supply chain stream, engage with key stakeholders and align project workstreams, and provide strategic direction and leadership to increase value and drive sustainable, long-term growth.

Focused on optimizing critical business needs and continuous improvement, the Supply Chain Manager always thinks cross-functionally. They deep dive in order to understand specific details of each organization, gain strategic insights and apply them to implement strategic value creation plans. The Manager is the bridge that connects each project. They enable important synergies between portfolio companies, identify benchmarks, and deploy best practices to increase efficiency and maximize ROI.

The Supply Chain Manager reports to the Practice Head of Supply Chain, Christophe Paris, as well as to the Chief Restructuring Officer at each portfolio company. Their responsibilities will vary, depending on each client and their unique business needs, including defining and implementing turnaround concepts, and monitoring action plans. They also provide training workshops for relevant Supply Chain related departments, including Service Level, Inventory, Logistics Costs, Process, Organization, Systems, and Tools.

Flexible and entrepreneurial, this role comfortably operates outside of their own functional supply chain field. Working quickly and autonomously, they easily embed themselves within a portfolio company, and take on any interim role to allow the reorganization to run smoothly. Business and people savvy, the Supply Chain Manager builds trust and fosters successful relationships. They carefully navigate social environments when working on-site at portfolio companies and apply the right amount of empathy along with strong leadership, offering the team clear direction, transparency, and motivation.

“No company can be successful without an optimal Supply Chain. This role’s technical and people skills will not only identify and fix supply chain issues but also align and motivate important stakeholders at our portfolio companies, directly impacting our growth” – Christophe Paris, Practice Head of Supply Chain of Mutares

Mutares offers a dynamic international working environment and fosters exceptional cooperation and teamwork. The Supply Chain Manager will join their ambitious and diverse team of skilled operational professionals, and work up to four days a week on-site at portfolio companies and one day per week in the Amsterdam office. This is a exciting opportunity for an entrepreneurial team leader with a background in consulting and supply chain management.



Mutares is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
To express your interest, please contact Annelijn Nijhuis at


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Supply Chain Manager

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