Senior Partnerships Manager of GoodZero

Senior Partnerships Manager of GoodZero

  • Sales
  • Industrial
  • Amsterdam
  • Published on: 30 May 2024
  • Minimum of 8 years' experience


  • Over 8 years of experience
  • In business development
  • Within the Voluntary Carbon market
  • And within high-impact carbon credits projects
  • Fluent in English
  • A truly green heart

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FincoEnergies is a globally operating renewable energy provider and decarbonization advisor. The company works with a variety of organizations to help them lower their CO2 footprint through emission reduction and carbon offsetting. The Carbon Management division is located in the Netherlands, where the Senior Partnerships Manager will join its GoodZero team, dedicated to CO2 compensation.

About FincoEnergies

The mission of FincoEnergies is to guide businesses toward a more sustainable world through responsible energy choices. The company is the leading provider of sustainable, low-carbon energy and decarbonization solutions. Its Carbon Management division consists of two brands, each focused on one aspect of the solutions portfolio: GoodShipping, helping customers reduce their emissions (‘insetting’), and GoodZero, helping customers compensate for their unavoidable emissions (offsetting), by mitigating these emissions beyond the value chain.

FincoEnergies is the result of the 2023 merger of the Finco Fuel Group (founded in 2013) and the holding GoodNRG, including its Goodbrands (currently five). The company has 300 employees across offices in the Netherlands, Singapore, the US, Switzerland, and Germany. FincoEnergies has five divisions, focused on different sectors, geographies, or solutions. These five divisions are organized in a matrix structure with the five Goodbrands. The diverse teams at FincoEnergies all share the ambition to make a positive impact, and employees possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise to do so.

GoodZero guides customers through all the elements of their decarbonization journey, offering end-to-end solutions via a three-step approach. First, they calculate the current greenhouse gas emissions; second, they define reduction targets and a strategy to reach these; and third, they select impactful projects to offset unavoidable emissions. For the second step, GoodZero works with other Goodbrands if needed. The Senior Partnerships Manager joins the GoodZero team and the Carbon Management division in the company’s effort to develop the business and drive sustainability and commercial growth.

Vacancy: Senior Partnerships Manager of GoodZero

The Senior Partnerships Manager of GoodZero is responsible for scaling the business, together with the team. They do so by conducting thorough market analysis, providing a clear knowledge base of where to play and how to win. They also develop strong value propositions and tactical sales planning, acquire new clients through various channels and with a commercial approach, cultivate relationships, encourage (potential) clients to set adequate reduction and offsetting commitments, and craft winning bids. They report to the Commercial Director of Carbon Management and are a senior member of the division’s commercial management team.

From optional to committed
Clients who work with GoodZero may be logistical, industrial, or consumer goods players or may be active in the financial, governmental, energy, or NGO sectors. They work with an emission framework consisting of Scope 1 (direct emissions from the company’s assets), Scope 2 (indirect emissions from the procured energy the company uses), and Scope 3 (indirect emissions from the company’s value chain). Although companies are required to report on emissions from Scopes 1 and 2, there is no regulation yet on lowering those emissions, or on reporting or lowering Scope 3 emissions. Therefore, it is up to companies to decide if, and to what degree, they will reduce their carbon impact.

So, companies’ willingness to offset emissions largely depends on their own sustainability priorities within their Net Zero strategy. For now, therefore, it is up to the team at GoodZero to convince potential customers of the added value of offsetting initiatives. So, from a commercial perspective, the brand must consistently work to retain and grow its steady customer base. The Senior Partnerships Manager plays a crucial role in cultivating relationships and devising a long-term approach to communicate the economic, regulatory, and ethical benefits of offsetting to customers.

Strategy and relationships
After all, in the short term, it may seem attractive for companies to abandon any carbon goals under financial pressure. Yet, pressure from internal and external stakeholders to act is rapidly increasing. Secondly, postponing may create difficulties when regulation does come through. The Senior Partnerships Manager of GoodZero understands what drives customers’ policies – and is adept at influencing the thought process and decision-making process behind these policies, offering a compelling, future-proof, and data-driven argument to ensure long-term commitments to a net zero policy.

“If we want to stand a chance to honour the goals from the Paris agreement, solid and swift carbon management by companies will be crucial. Pending regulation, but with no time to lose, this poses a massive challenge for our commercial organization. The upside: as a leading international player and with our one-stop-shop approach, FincoEnergies is perfectly positioned to make an impact.” – Rogier de Jager, Commercial Director Carbon Management

Company Evangelist
In this role, a seasoned commercial professional with an intrinsic drive to combat climate change gets to make a significant contribution to sustainability and a livable planet by acting as a company evangelist and a strong commercial strategist. The candidate joins a pioneering and growing organization and will be at the center of decarbonization developments.


FincoEnergies is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
To express your interest, please contact Stephanie Stuit at


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Senior Partnerships Manager of GoodZero

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