Senior Full Stack Developer

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  • Published on 09 April 2020
  • Minimum of 4 years experience
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For whom?

  • BSc/MSc in Computer Science or similar
  • Extensive experience with Java (Spring) and React.js
  • Experience with C ++, GraphQL, Kubernetes, Kafka and / or Google Cloud Platform is a plus
  • Affinity with Deep Learning and Machine Learning

The Senior Full Stack Developer at BallJames is changing the future of football. Using the most advanced tech stack, efficient use of data, deep learning models and computer vision algorithms, he or she changes the sport with millions of enraptured fans worldwide!

About BallJames

BallJames is the world’s first real-time fully autonomous optical tracking solution. With fourteen 4K cameras around the field, the company records all behavior on the field at 25 frames per second. With Deep Learning, the ball, all players and referees are accurately identified. Cloud Computing provides the enormous computing power necessary to make it all possible. This unrivaled technology makes BallJames able to deliver meaningful insights in real-time and afterward to football coaches on the field, but also to analysts, media, etc.

Vacancy: Senior Full Stack Developer

The Senior Full Stack Developer at BallJames is responsible for the further development of the state-of-art deep-learning optical tracking system. The platform is the backbone of BallJames. This is where the video streams and all match data come together and where BallJames delivers push / pull APIs to its customers. The platform has a completely renewed operations center (React, GrapQL, Kubernetes).

This data-savvy Senior Full Stack Developer designs builds and maintains the cloud-based software that supports real-time streaming, processing and the analysis of video images. In addition, work is being done on low-latency APIs. It goes without saying that an environment like this is robust, fault-tolerant and above all: scalable.

Delivering the most practical solutions for the business: this code savant gets their energy from that! In this position, it is necessary to be a frontrunner in the development field. Gaining and sharing knowledge, experimenting and adopting new technologies are part of this innovation-driven organization. All conditions are in place for this Senior Full Stack Developer to make a huge impact on how football is experienced in the future!

BallJames works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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Senior Full Stack Developer

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Senior Full Stack Developer

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Senior Full Stack Developer

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