Quantum Application Developer

Quantum Application Developer

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The goal of Qu & Co is to make the academic discipline of quantum computing relevant to companies. In this deep-tech domain, the start-up is currently developing quantum-computational algorithms, software, and services to solve complex business problems for companies including Airbus and LG Electronics. The Quantum Application Developer focuses on cloud engineering and is motivated to develop groundbreaking quantum algorithms.

About Qu & Co

The average computer user will probably never have to deal with it, but quantum computing is rapidly gaining ground in business. This form of deep technology works according to the laws of quantum mechanics and revolves around qubits. These qubits – just like quantum particles themselves – can be in superposition, i.e. they can be in different states at the same time. The major advantage to this is that quantum computers calculate exponentially faster than classical computers and thus solve much more difficult problems. Think of complex chemical or physical calculations, but also of the encryption of privacy-sensitive data, for example. And exactly in this field Qu & Co is one of the leading companies.

Qu & Co was founded in 2017. This Dutch start-up develops quantum computing algorithms, software, and services that run on the very latest quantum hardware. Thanks to these solutions, enterprise researchers can run complex chemistry and multiphysics simulations at unprecedented speed on future quantum processors. Qu & Co’s SaaS platform solutions contain unique and patented quantum algorithms that distribute them as back-end integrations – via interfaces – to conventional software packages. Currently, the company focuses on combinatorial optimization, machine learning, and computational chemistry. The first steps have also been taken within the domain of computational finance. 

In recent years Qu & Co has built up an impressive portfolio of customers for whom it knows how to make quantum computing relevant. For example, the start-up is working with aircraft manufacturer Airbus on the research, development, and testing of quantum computer methods for the simulation of flights. There is also a three-year research collaboration with LG Electronics for solving LG’s most complex business research challenges. In addition, Qu & Co has partnerships with the largest players in quantum hardware, such as IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft, and its R&D is supported by an academic advisory board with professors in quantum machine learning and quantum chemistry. 

Qu & Co’s solutions are revolutionary and are becoming increasingly popular. This requires even more computing power. In the form of Quantum Application Developers, that is.

Vacancy: Quantum Application Developer

The Quantum Application Developer stands at the basis of applied research in quantum simulation. For this, they use their excellent skills in Python development and cloud engineering. Thorough knowledge of quantum computing is not a must. Thanks to the extensive training of and close cooperation with Mario Dagrada, VP of Quantum Software, the Quantum Application Developer they are able to specialize from the start.

Qu & Co’s software runs in the cloud. The Quantum Application Developer will initially focus on keeping all quantum platform products operational and developing them further. Part of this is to revise – to make scalable and cost-effective – the entire database and associated applications. This part of the role occupies some 30 percent of their time.

Qu & Co regularly receives requests for access to various functionalities in the internal libraries. The Quantum Application Developer takes care of the interaction by building APIs to unlock these libraries. They design and develop APIs and integrate these with the quantum block providers. This is not all, however, as in time this role may shift towards building quantum simulations that run on top of the quantum platform.

The Quantum Application Developer works in all the different domains in which Qu & Co is active and therefore interacts with many different stakeholders. The strong communication skills that they apply to this are also very useful within a small team of five colleagues. Due to the increasing number of projects, this team will expand in the near future. Within this team, the Quantum Application Developer will act as a true knowledge-sharing and teacher for new team members. 

All in all, this is the perfect time to join this dynamic start-up. In addition to working on varied engineering and development projects, learning a great deal about quantum computing, and sharing knowledge of codes, the Quantum Application Developer can also expect to be given more responsibility.



Qu & Co is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Please contact Hayke Tjemmes at hayke.tjemmes@topofminds.com to let us know that you are interested in this position.


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