Lead Developer Intershop

Lead Developer Intershop

  • IT
  • Consumer
  • Zwolle
  • Minimum of 5 years' experience
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With over 65 years to show for it, Kruitbosch is a well-known brand in the cycling industry. Contrary to other industries, the bicycle market has had a wonderful year. In order to capitalize on that growth, Kruitbosch has invested heavily in a renewed e-commerce platform. The Lead Developer Intershop is responsible for building and designing it.

About Kruitbosch

Does the Cortina city bike or Alpina children’s bike ring any bells? Good, because that means you’ve heard of Kruitbosch. Founded in 1955, the family business has become a big name in the cycling industry. Apart from their own brands – e.g. Cortina –  Kruitbosch delivers thousands of bicycle parts and accessories, advises shops in terms of their interior design, communication- and promotional materials. Both off and online.

In 2020 Kruitbosch finds itself in the midst of a digital transformation. Not just the company but the entire cycling industry has been introduced to e-commerce. And Kruitbosch wants little else than be the frontrunner within the bicycle niche. They have said goodbye to their legacy and these modern times have called for the addition of Intershop as their e-commerce platform. It has two important channels: b2b and b2c. Both these want to expand internationally.

From setting up payment providers to the logistics part and the link with the b2b, the biggest challenge is part and parcel of the b2c department. And by building exactly this part of the business the Lead Developer Intershop is going to be kept quite busy.

Vacancy: Lead Developer Intershop

The Lead Developer Intershop gets the once in a lifetime opportunity to build a brand new E-commerce platform with all of their knowledge. And in turn will solve all of Kruitbosch’s queries and safeguard its quality. It’s a very versatile role, which entails coaching front and back end developers, and also cooperation with various stakeholders.

Building a full-scale consumer platform
From setting up new channels to optimizing the ordering process, the Lead Developer Intershop works on large projects. They keep a close eye on the newest trends and translate them to technical solutions. The b2c part is most deserving of their attention, because this mostly needs to be built up from scratch. How is that going to look? That’s up to the Lead Developer. The design then needs to be made into a first rate consumer platform

Go-getter and sparring partner
Whatever decision is made, during every step of the process the consumer is put center stage. As cooperating foreman the Lead Developer is all about getting their hands dirty. They coordinate several projects simultaneously and won’t mind taking the lead. At the same time they are an equal partner in crime to the DevOps and that means they will have free reign in terms of steering the ship of technological change. What decisions should be made for Intershop when it comes to the way the bicycle land lies? What are the demands technology calls for? The Lead Developer Intershop knows it all.

“Over the eight years I’ve been working here Kruitbosch has doubled their revenue, We’re on a fast track to bigger and better, which of course offers tons of perspective. When the Lead Developer Intershop wants to make their next move in their career, this is the place to be. “- Rogier van den Esker. Operational Director

Caring for their staff, reliable and dynamic
People at Kruitbosch are in it for the long haul and you can count on them, with an informal work environment and surroundings to boot. That’s how employees describe Kruitbosch, this family business. The perfect candidate for the job would feel at ease in such surroundings, and is passionate about their job. And it would be even better if they felt passionate about the product, which to them could also be their hobby in their spare time. Kruitbosch is constantly on the lookout for innovation and is growing rapidly, which provides security. Moreover, there’s hardly anyone unwantedly jumping ship.

Working amongst the bicycles
The IT team which manages itself is growing and now consists of eight people, amongst which are four developers. The Lead Developer Intershop reports directly to Thijs Slagmolen, IT Manager E-commerce & Development. They are located in a modern office which features a big showroom and a well-organized warehouse in Zwolle. A special location because it means that the Lead Developer Intershop literally works amongst the bicycles.



Kruitbosch works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
To express your interest, contact
Hayke Tjemmes at hayke.tjemmes@topofminds.com.


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