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General Manager

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  • Minimum of 12 years' experience
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Atida is one of the largest online pharmacies in Europe, with a unique mission when it comes to optimizing health. The company firmly believes in a future where the journey towards good health becomes a trusted and truly personal experience. They recently launched Atida Pure: A new, personalized vitamin and supplement programme. Initially set up as a vehicle for proof of concept, the ambition for Atida Pure is to quickly become a successful business in its own right. Atida is looking for a General Manager to make this happen.

Quantified self: the future of health

Long before COVID a trend toward ‘quantified self’ has been on the rise – the concept of individuals actively taking charge of their wellbeing, with data-driven tools, products, apps, and knowledge. This is not surprising, since the chances of facing lifestyle-based health problems (from diabetes to depression) have increased drastically in the past decades.

2020 obviously acted as a pressure cooker on this topic. From a preventative perspective, something as simple as catching a cold has become something we would love to avoid – so how can we boost our immune systems? More broadly speaking, how can we take care of ourselves – mentally and physically – when our world has become the space between our four walls? In the near future the urgency of these questions will only increase further. In the long term, the demand for mental and physical self-care and optimized wellbeing continues to grow.

Atida: online, science-based & personalized

Atida Pure provides an answer to this trend by sending its customers top quality supplement packages on a monthly basis. These packages are composed based on a quick and comprehensive questionnaire, about the individual’s physical status, habits, and wellbeing desires. Packages may focus on skin and hair, improved immunity, bone strength or healthy pregnancy – to name just a few examples. And of course, all of Atida’s supplements are high quality and backed by science.

Atida Pure was initially created as a test case for Atida’s visionary business model. On the one hand, the launch of Atida Pure allowed for a relevant use case to test the platform from a tech and product perspective. On the other hand, Atida Pure has played an important role in testing the ‘e-health’ proposition from a commercial perspective. After a rapid and successful launch of Atida Pure as proof of concept, Atida now plans to let the brand take wings as a business in its own right – within the large, highly fragmented, and fast-growing European supplements market.

‘We managed to launch the Atida Pure platform in a matter of months. In that time, we also already optimized the offline user experience to a large degree. Not an easy feat – and the results are promising. Now, our aim is to grow this start-up within the company to a €100 million business.’ – Joost van Hilten, Chief Product Officer at Atida

Vacancy: General Manager Atida Pure

The General Manager will lead the continued growth of Atida Pure, both from a strategic and an operational perspective. They will have P&L responsibility and will facilitate the transition toward a profitable brand with €60 million revenue in the first three years, and €100 million revenue within ~ five years. The General Manager will furthermore grow and manage the entire Atida Pure team. Right now, this team is still small, with capacity primarily on Marketing and Analytics, and a dotted line to Product. Part of the General Manager’s impact will be to extend this team with the necessary and logical roles that add value to the business, at the right time – such as a senior Category Manager and, given the compliance aspect within the health industry, a Quality Assurance Manager.

Other responsibilities of the General Manager include, for example, ensuring further optimization of the tech platform – together with the Chief Product Officer – to increase sales, and creating a churn-prevention strategy to optimize retention. Topics such as loyalty-building (toward the brand and the product) and stellar personalization of the product and user experience will be part of this challenge. To grow the company, the General Manager will also expand the proposition by adding services and increasing the assortment; and drive expansion into new markets outside of the current scope of the Netherlands and Germany.

Entrepreneurial Executive
Atida Pure is a start-up within a scale-up. The role of the General Manager therefore has a highly entrepreneurial component. The candidate ideally has experience in a Digital Native environment or as an E-commerce pure player. Additionally, given the relatively complex P&L structure of the subscription model, an MBA and experience with subscription businesses are a plus. Important, furthermore, is the candidate’s intrinsic affinity with the topic and product. Expertise with health, pharma, or supplements is not necessary, but a true interest in learning about the product, and a strong belief in the mission of Atida, are crucial.

This role is an exciting next step for a successful leader who has proven their worth in a strategic, commercial and/or digital environment. Atida Pure’s potential for growth makes this opportunity highly exciting for candidates with entrepreneurial ambitions. The role of General Manager at Atida Pure provides the right candidate with the chance to prove their worth in building a disruptive and successful business from the ground up.



Atida works with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
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