The Top of Minds Method

Top of Minds is the market leader in The Netherlands in the Executive Professional segment (80-250k salary)

We reinvented Executive Search with the Top of Minds method

Exceptional talent, fast delivery

Our Promise

With our Top of Minds method, we have been able to build a vast network of executive professionals, enabling us to introduce two suitable candidates with two weeks.

If it’s not a direct hit, we continue with a deep and wide search process, with our marketing engine reaching almost every professional relevant to your vacancy.

The Top of Minds Method

The Top of Minds method is built on six principles, outlined on this page.

Principle 1: Build an online platform

The Top of Minds Methode: Principle 1

Build a platform with rich and in-depth career content.

Your benefit

Top of Minds is the leading* platform for mid-level executive positions in The Netherlands. We use this platform to draw maximum attention to your vacancy.

* Measured by traffic and number of non-anonymous job postings

Principle 2: Combine online and offline

The Top of Minds Method: Principle 2

The online platform gains momentum only when it’s supported by offline, personal relationships. These relationships build trust, which will make top professionals respond to the vacancies the online platform offers them. Endorsing them in personal contact makes all the difference.

Your benefit

Top of Minds has invested 10 years of research in mapping the top-20.000 professionals in The Netherlands in the mid-level executive segment*. Thanks to this high-quality network we are able to supply you with strong candidates, very quickly.

* Defined as the 80.000 – 250.000 EUR salary range

Principle 3: Maximize social media

The Top of Minds Method: Principle 3

Those masses of followers and visitors don’t come to you at the drop of a hat. You need temptation, around the clock. Attractive content that is delivered pro-actively and highly targetted to the top professionals that matter. Social media are a vital ingredient.

Your benefit

Top of Minds uses proprietary technology that enables us to reach the top-20.000 professionals in the Dutch market. Because of our advanced technology we make sure you do not miss out on strong candidates.

Principle 4: Maximize conversion

The Top of Minds Method: Principle 4

Reaching out is effective only when there is sufficient conversion. Professionals responding favorably to you will reach out. High conversion can be reached by a combination of hyper-targeting, high-value content and a strong brand as a carrier.

Your benefit

After years of research and trials, Top of Minds has managed to obtain the highest conversion rate in the industry on LinkedIn, the premier channel for contacting new candidates outside the existing network. Thanks to our high conversion rate we ensure maximum attention to your vacancy.

Principle 5: Times are changing, always

The Top of Minds Method: Principle 5

The days that everyone wanted to be CEO at a large multinational are long gone. Start & scale-ups are just as popular as corporates.

Professionals like to keep their options open and want to explore both career paths. Top of Minds is relevant to them since we operate in both domains.

Your benefit

The portfolio at Top of Minds consists of corporate and scale-up opportunities, both in equal measure. This ensures a steady flow of high-value candidates, enabling us to channel the best fitting ones to your vacancy.


Principle 6: Use your mission

The Top of Minds Method: Principle 6

Purpose is the new core of compensation and benefits. Yes, financial remuneration, flexibility and holidays are still important, but nothing is more profound in terms of personal priorities as purpose.

The employer who is the highest bidder inĀ professional purposeĀ wins the heart of the best candidates.

Your benefit

Top of Minds is the only Executive Search firm in The Netherlands with an in-house Employer Marketing agency AKA ‘the purpose factory’. This team will be able to deliver a strong story for your company, winning the best talent in the market.


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