Interim Recruitment

Top of Minds Interim Recruitment offers in-house recruitment capacity, expertise and tools. We provide experienced recruiters equipped with the Top of Minds toolkit. Not only do our recruiters work according to the successful Top of Minds method, our recruiters are actively supported by our employer branding and online marketing team, making them better suited than any other recruiter to attract the best people to your organization.

With specific knowledge in all areas of the recruitment cycle, we ensure that, in addition to filling all positions within your organization, a Top of Minds recruiter is an investment in your brand and attractiveness as an employer.

Because we often work onsite, we relieve your organization of all aspects of the recruitment process.

Our concept is particularly suitable for organizations with an urgent recruitment need as well as those that demand expertise in the recruitment process.

“Top of Minds provides interim recruitment capacity and implements the necessary processes and technology. This ultimately enables companies to better retain the best talent and reduce costs.”

Stefan van Egmond – Managing Director RPO

Benefits of the Interim Recruitment Service

  • A dedicated recruitment partner who recruits on your behalf
  • Deep substantive expertise in all disciplines
  • Experienced and well-trained recruiters
  • Our recruiters have a team of online marketers and employer branding specialists behind them.
  • Tailormade process design and implementation
  • Access to technology on sourcing, assessments and ATS
  • Expertise in the entire recruitment cycle from employer branding to process guidance, from sourcing to reporting
  • Scalable and flexible solutions
  • Easy, fast and transparent implementation


  • Top of Minds Interim Recruitment ensures in a very effective way that your organization is able to attract better people in all disciplines.
  • We deliver an onsite recruitment model that is cost effective, scalable and flexible for all vacancies within your organization.
  • Shorter time to hire, improved quality of hires and better access to scarce talent and technology.

Contact us and experience the benefits of working according to the Top of Minds method.

Stefan van Egmond

Managing Director RPO call 020 7600 777
Contact 020 7600 777
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1075 BE, Amsterdam

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