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Top of Minds provides First Tier Executive Assistants. Support of the highest quality: Executive Secretaries / Management Assistants, PA’s and Office Managers.

Thanks to our extensive network, we can quickly supply you with the right professional. Top of Minds combines the high quality expected from an executive search office with the speed you are accustomed to from a support staff agency.

We provide Executive Assistants on both a permanent and an interim basis. Or a combination of the two: someone in the empty seat by tomorrow while we start a thorough search for the perfect match.



Berthe van der Peet

Managing Director Executive Support

Mail Berthe van der Peet

Call 06 45432901

We provide 3 types of Executive Support Staff

Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary excels because of their business sense. They bring people and projects together, and they coordinate agendas. They channel incoming questions and are able to answer simple requests for information themselves. They know management’s current priorities which enables them to utilize their time and energy in the most efficient way possible.

Personal Assistant (PA)

The Personal Assistant is fully dedicated to the needs of one person. They know their schedule inside and out. They provide support at work as well as in his or her private life. They are often aware of many details of the private life of their boss. This is one of the reasons why a great deal of care goes into the personal match when selecting a new PA.

Office Manager

In addition to a supporting role, the Office Manager also has many executive and often managerial tasks. She not only works as a secretary, but also as a hostess and is responsible for facilities. She combines a sense of ownership with an eye for detail. She monitors the atmosphere in the team, knows personal relationships and problems, and alerts management when necessary.

Choose the service level that suits your needs


With the Standard service level, we select the candidates according to our regular ongoing process. On a continuous basis, we are in contact with Support Professionals who are exploring the next step in their career. From these interviews we select suitable candidates for your organization. The candidates are of excellent quality, the numbers and therefore the recruitment speed is somewhat lower. Very suitable for confidential vacancies.

Commercial terms & conditions

  • No-cure, no-pay
  • No exclusivity required
  • Success fee of 25% on placement
  • 2 months warranty


With the Premium service level, we recruit according to the Top of Minds method. In addition to the ongoing process, we carry out an extensive marketing campaign that focuses on your business and is aimed at our candidate database, supported by an extensive candidate pack (here is an example) that enables us to recruit more candidates in a short period of time which will in turn offer you a wider selection. Not suitable for confidential vacancies.

Commercial terms & conditions

  • 1500 Euro contribution in marketing costs
  • Exclusivity required
  • Success fee of 25% on placement
  • 4 months warranty

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