The rich history of Arla Foods

Around the year 1880, changes were afoot in scenic Scandinavia. More and more dairy farmers were starting to dream of dairy factories where they could process and improve their milk and create more valuable products. Neighboring farms joined forces (and funds) to make their dreams come true. Together, they build a future for themselves and generations to come. As time went by, small cooperations merged into bigger ones in order to build even better factories. In 2000, the biggest Danish cooperation merged with its Swedish counterpart, thus forming Arla Foods, the first international cooperation. In 2009, Arla opened a commercial office in The Netherlands and in 2014, a coop of 51 Dutch farmers joined the dairy giant.


Strategic growth in 2016

Arla is no. 5 on the list of largest dairy corporations worldwide. It’s owned by  12.700 dairy farmers from seven countries: Denmark, Sweden, The UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. The cooperative has a democratic structure with one vote for each member.

The dairy industry is under pressure, with both an increase in production and a decrease in demand. Arla’s recipe for success is to focus on strong brands such as Arla, Anchor, Lurpak, Apetina and Castello. Over the first half of 2016, Arla’s strategic brands have grown by 6%.

Natural goodness

Arla strongly believes in goodness. What does that mean? It’s their mission to deliver healthy, great tasting dairy products that are based on Natural Goodness. Products that are simple, natural, wholesome and nutritious.


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