IT Director of Customer & Data

IT Director of Customer & Data

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  • A partir de 12 años de experiencia laboral
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Crucial IT transformations are ongoing at ING NL. The bank’s goal is to successfully perform at the forefront of both compliance and commercial areas, while integrating necessary IT solutions at the Group level. The IT Director of Customer & Data will lead the organization of about 500 full-time employees and set ING NL up for future success.

About ING

Originally a Dutch bank, ING is now an international organization with business- and consumer banking operations in and outside of Europe. In the last decade, ING has achieved very successful, large-scale and agile banking and IT transformations. However, few industries develop as quickly as the intersection of banking and IT, and there are always new challenges on the horizon. For example, in compliance, regulations such as Know Your Customer (KYC) need new ways to deal with customer data. On the commercial side, IT and data advances require ING to explore new opportunities in client marketing and communications, for example.

Meanwhile, the IT organization is always looking for tactical opportunities to integrate solutions with Group level applications. ING NL’s Customer & Data IT organization is at the forefront of these challenges. They’re developing several large transformation programs to stay ahead of the game.

Vacancy: IT Director of Customer & Data

The organization currently incorporates five areas: KYC & Onboarding, Fraud & Analytics, Data Management, Customer Data, and Document Management. KYC & Onboarding and Fraud focus on compliance and protecting the bank and customers against illegal activities. Analytics help predict potential fraud and are also used for one-on-one customer offerings. Data Management runs and protects the raw data that provides the foundation of many of ING NL’s IT and commercial activities. It also includes a major and ongoing Group level consolidation program. Customer Data deals with the systems that hold the data of millions of customers and needs further migration to newer technology. And Document Management focuses on all digital and paper client communications, from letters and campaigns to contracts.

In addition to these five areas, a team of about forty Technical Project Leaders run the PMO behind several transformation programs. The NL IT group consists of forty-one nationalities that work in The Netherlands, IT centers in Romania and the Philippines, and include external partners in India.

The IT Director of Customer & Data is a visionary leader who will guide the organization through several transformation programs across these areas, while providing day-to-day business leadership. The IT Director of Customer & Data will be on the management team reporting to the CIO of ING NL. The Director’s main responsibilities include translating and implementing the IT strategy in line with the bank’s strategy; creating and ensuring the engineering culture and its single Agile Way of Working; and directly managing five IT Area Leads and several Technical Project Leaders.

This position requires a clear understanding of business challenges to design and develop solutions that drive innovation throughout the organization. Their goal is to guarantee an excellent customer experience, while maintaining security, compliance and reliability. Good role modeling and being an ambassador for cultural change – and quickly building a solid understanding of the ING Agile culture – is also crucial. This includes the constant stimulation of interacting and aligning in this part of the organization, and driving cross-cultural collaboration in an environment where team members feel appreciated.Lastly, a deep understanding of the challenges that the engineers face is vital to manage the areas, the Area Leads and Technical Project Leaders. This specifically means helping them to continuously develop their capabilities.

“The management team is fairly young, highly proactive and very supportive. The new IT Director of Customer & Data will become part of a peer group that is highly dedicated to the organization and eager to learn from one another.” – Edwin Entrop, Chief Information Officer at ING NL

The ideal candidate for this role has a solid background in IT and engineering, will hit the ground running and identify new opportunities for data and IT, while understanding large transformations and guiding the capabilities to success. They will take the lead in re-shaping the Customer & Data IT organization to become more digitized and streamlined. This process will include re-shaping the organization’s culture. And the IT Director of Customer & Data will have the perfect combination of vision, leadership, decision-making and people skills.



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