Bitvavo Bitvavo


In 2018, Bitvavo launched the first version of its digital assets trading platform, to bridge the gap between traditional currencies and digital assets. By offering transparent fees, a wide range of assets and a reliable and easy to use platform, Bitvavo is making the currency of the future accessible for everyone.

In only a few years’ time Bitvavo has established itself as the market leader in the Netherlands, with over one million users exchanging multiple billions of digital assets a year. Bitvavo has a strong focus on their product, so far investments in marketing have been limited and the user-base has grown thanks to the reliable and trusted product and the highly functional and entertaining app. Bitvavo is now expanding their horizon and strives to claim a number one position in the whole of Europe. Working at the top of the funnel, the Brand Marketing team has as a main objective to position the brand in Europe and integrate all touch points to drive brand awareness and preference.

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