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Business Development Manager

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Publicatie: 10 september 2018

Healthcare is one of the world’s fastest developing industries, and, like in other fields, there’s great potential to employ insights gained from (big) data and technology to improve quality and affordability. This is exactly what healthcare analytics firm LOGEX aims to do. To support their CEO and senior management team in realizing successful post-merger integration and further driving transformation and integration initiatives, LOGEX is currently looking to hire a Business Development Manager.


LOGEX is about people as much as it is about technology. The company’s mission is to combine advanced data analytics and best-in-class technologies to yield clear insights that can be used to shape the future of healthcare and enhance its quality and affordability. Founded in 2008 by three Dutch entrepreneurs – Rudolph Haardt, Koen Luijckx and Martijn van Wagensveld – all of whom started out in the industry by running financial analyses for hospitals during their studies in Rotterdam. LOGEX has since grown into a successful organization of 50 employees. Its core values include an emphasis on professionalism; a focus on adding value to clients’ businesses; innovation and creativity; and openness and honesty. As a frontrunner in healthcare analytics in the Netherlands, LOGEX actively pursues opportunities abroad and has recently set up operations in France, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Saudi Arabia.

The company’s optimistic, innovative and data-driven approach to healthcare has proven to be precisely what the market lacked and required. LOGEX employs a team of young, ambitious specialists in econometrics, medicine and computer science, currently servicing over 90 percent of the Netherlands’ hospitals.

Using advanced software, the business conducts in-depth analyses to provide hospitals and physicians with actionable insights into their performance so that they’re better positioned to make sound decisions regarding budgets, forecasts and pricing strategies. This way, institutions are able to seize all opportunities that arise in ongoing developments in the industry. While the company’s employees come from varied backgrounds, they all share a pragmatic view and want to be closely involved in implementing groundbreaking models that allow for appropriate, value-based healthcare.

Recently LOGEX expanded its services to healthcare providers by collaborating with Value2Health. Through this partnership, LOGEX has been able to greatly augment its capabilities and grow its products and services available to measure, analyze and improve healthcare quality and patient outcomes. By combining insights into both cost management and level of care, LOGEX serves as a unique one-stop shop for fostering value-based healthcare across the world.

ABOUT THE VACANCY: Business Development Manager

The new role of Business Development Manager has been created specifically for the purpose of navigating the integration efforts necessary to make the aforementioned merger with Value2Health and other parties as successful as possible. LOGEX currently employs 50 FTEs – including consultants, developers, and professionals in R&D, finance and HR – in its Amsterdam office, as well as several software developers based in the Czech Republic. Value2Health adds another 150 FTEs to its employee base. Although both brands continue operating under their own names, there is a need for a new joint proposition that combines best practices when it comes to cost and quality management.

The Business Development Manager will be responsible for setting up and running the integration and synergy project office. He/she will monitor progress against goals on an ongoing basis and keep in close contact with other sectors of the business to help support and execute initiatives. The candidate’s daily responsibilities will include developing strategic business cases for proposed projects, reviewing and evaluating business synergies, and executing operational risk analyses. The Business Development Manager will report directly to the CEO, Philipp Jan Flach, with whom he/she will also work closely.


This role is ideal for a strategy consultant looking to take the next step in his/her career. Similarly, someone with an extensive background in investment banking/private equity would also be a great fit. Knowledge of the healthcare industry is not a prerequisite; experience with tech (software) is a definite advantage. Successful candidates will have a thorough understanding of one or more core operational functions (e.g., Tech/IT, Product Development, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Marketing, and/or Sales) and will preferably have experience in navigating revenue-focused post-deal integrations.


  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in strategy consulting or private equity/investment banking
  • MSc degree in a business- and/or quantitative-oriented study area (e.g. Finance, Economics, Engineering)
  • Proven experience in managing complex projects with multiple stakeholders


  • Strong organizational and analytical skills, and the ability to easily switch focus between a micro and strategic level
  • Ability to communicate well and to lead and motivate people on different organizational levels
  • Strong C-level reporting and presentation skills
  • Results oriented
  • Self-starter with a can-do attitude
  • Fluent in English (written and spoken)
  • Willing to travel (approx. once per month)

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