Chief Legal Officer

Chief Legal Officer

  • Legal
  • Rotterdam
  • Published on: 07 November 2023
  • Minimum of 8 years' experience


  • At least 8 years of professional experience
  • In the legal profession or as a corporate lawyer
  • Experience with M&A processes in an international context
  • Leadership skills
  • Enterprising

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Cube Cold offers manufacturers of food and pharmaceuticals the opportunity to keep their products refrigerated. The scale-up, owned by an international investment party, has acquired several European companies in the past year and a half. As part of the European MT, the Chief Legal Officer builds the legal framework to facilitate continued growth and is closely involved in M&A activities.

About Cube Cold

For some products, the way they are stored is essential. Within the food industry, for example, raw materials, end products, and fresh products must be kept refrigerated to be safe and retain their high quality. Refrigerated storage of ingredients and end products is also often required within the pharmaceutical industry. This requires refrigerated storage capacity that companies do not always have in-house. Cube Cold has been active in this sector since 2021. Their goal is to build a leading, integrated platform that provides food and pharmaceutical manufacturers with end-to-end logistics solutions for warehousing, transportation, and value-added services.

Cube Cold is part of I Squared, a globally active private equity firm that primarily focuses on infrastructure investments related to energy, utilities, telecom, and transport. With the support of I Squared, Cube Cold has acquired several medium-sized family businesses in the UK, Italy, and Benelux since its inception. Over the coming years, Cube Cold wants to make several strategic acquisitions every year to further expand its market share in Europe.

With the support and financial strength of I Squared and the skilled, ambitious MT made up of professionals with proven track records at companies such as FrieslandCampina, Rabobank, Kloosterboer, Lineage Logistics and TIP Trailer, Cube Cold has all the ingredients to achieve that ambition. From the new European headquarters in Rotterdam, a team of 20 passionately committed employees is working on maintaining the success of Cube Cold and on a more sustainable world. The company does this by optimizing the supply chain so as to reduce its impact on the environment.

Vacancy: Chief Legal Officer

This is a very interesting time for the Chief Legal Officer to join the company. Cube Cold is growing fast and can only successfully continue at this pace if the legal framework is in place to facilitate that growth. Expanding, streamlining, and strengthening the legal organization is one of the Chief Legal Officer’s most important tasks.

As the first point of contact, the Chief Legal Officer negotiates contracts and purchase agreements, coordinates legal due diligence investigations, and advises fellow MT members, including the CEO, CFO and the Head of M&A, on various legal matters. To this end, the Chief Legal Officer can call on various external advisors and I Squared’s legal team in London, and at the same time expand and optimally set up their own legal team. In addition to establishing the legal framework, the Chief Legal Officer is also responsible for its implementation in the organization. This makes the assignment a strategic and a very hands-on exercise.

M&A is also a key focus of the Chief Legal Officer. In addition to the legal integration of companies that have already been acquired – bringing the total number of Cube Cold employees to 350 – several acquisitions are on the agenda in the near future. The Chief Legal Officer is part of the multidisciplinary M&A team and is considered the reliable legal expert within that team who carefully deals with all contracts. Based on previous M&A experience, the Chief Legal Officer knows exactly which contracts are needed, what those documents must comply with, and where the priorities lie within the legal spectrum. Here, too, the Chief Legal Officer can count on the support of external advisors and colleagues in London. Since acquisitions are often done across borders, knowledge of international areas of law and work experience in an international environment is a must.

“As Chief Legal Officer, you are the trusted link between us and the investment party in London. You ensure that matters are aligned and manage people in a persuasive, convincing manner. Entrepreneurship, persuasive communication skills, and ownership are absolute musts in this role.” – Achim Boden, Head of M&A

Cube Cold is the ideal place for a current or former corporate or M&A lawyer or in-house company lawyer with a lot of experience in M&A who would like to make the move to an entrepreneurial organization in which she/he can make a difference. In this innovative, dynamic environment, not all processes and structures have been set in stone yet, which means that things can be set in motion and improved quickly, and people can really make an impact. This is especially true for the Chief Legal Officer. By establishing a solid, streamlined legal organization and successfully guiding Cube Cold through M&A processes, she/he plays a key role in the future of this promising scale-up.



Cube Cold is working with Top of Minds to fill this vacancy.
Contact Martine Francken at to express your interest in this vacancy.


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Chief Legal Officer

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