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Headhunter Private Equity

Top of Minds works for various Private Equity firms, on both the Investor and the Portfolio sides.

In many cases we are the Preferred People Partner and we support Private Equity parties in pre-deal, new deals and in transformation and buy-and-build assignments.


Top of Minds helps with the People Due Diligence. Realising value in participations is largely done by management and the layer below. Assessing the qualities and potential of managers is crucial in this respect. Also from a risk management perspective.

Key positions must be filled correctly. In cooperation with Top of Minds, Private Equity parties determine which alternatives there are in the market for executives or professionals who do not perform adequately. Possibly even before the deal is done.

New deal

When participations are newly added to the portfolio, a clear picture of personnel strengths and weaknesses often emerges in the first few weeks. Pre-deal insights are confirmed or nuanced. Strengthening key positions is often necessary.

Top of Minds helps Private Equity parties to get the right people on board quickly. Tight processes as well as transfers in which participation opportunities for candidates play a role characterise the partnership.

Headhunter portfolio companies

Typical theme: Professionalization of the organization.

We provide a CEO, COO, CMO or CFO who, from his or her position on the management team, can help elevate the organisation to a higher level. Either from experience, or through sharpness – usually a combination of both.

Transformations and Buy-and-build

Participations in which a lot of value can be created by transforming the organization or by merging organisations, require strong management. The current directors of portfolio companies are often not selected because of their ability to lead transformations or to manage organisations that are three to four times larger than their current size. This means that management teams need new leaders.

Typical themes:

Turnaround. Fast and effective measures with a focus on costs and cash flow. Replacing the CFO is often a first step in this process and the team that supports him often needs to be improved on.

Growth. Growth can be achieved with a CEO or a Business Development Manager who takes responsibility for a combination of strategy formation, analytical evidence and operational execution.

Digital Transformation. Top of Minds is market leader in digital. We provide support in the company’s transformation to a digital or online reality by recruiting the right people and making sure they fit in seamlessly.

Our headhunting process

Our 3 steps towards results
  • 1. Storylining

    Great stories attract great people. Based on an extensive intake with the hiring manager and other stakeholders, we determine the essence of the recruitment message.

  • 2. Pitching

    Attractive content is the key factor in shaping the essence of the message. Our extensive network of top professionals in the Netherlands ensures that everyone relevant will know about your story.

  • 3. Selection

    Once an exhaustive longlist of interested candidates has been drawn up, we narrow it down to a shortlist with the most suited candidates. We do this by means of an objective scorecard and by conducting in-depth interviews. The top three is then taken through several selection rounds within your organisation, after which we facilitate the contract negotiations with the number one candidate.

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