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Recruiting good developers for employment is a major challenge. But thanks to the Top of Minds Method, we have the means to recruit this scarce talent for your company.

Top of Minds is the Dutch market leader in the recruitment and selection of digital executives. Headhunter Hayke Tjemmes-Aalders specialises in the recruitment of developers and other technical talent for both corporates and scale-ups in this field.

Examples of vacancies we fill in this segment:

  • Product Owner
  • UX, Front-end, Back-end or Full Stack Developer
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

The power of the story

High-quality developers are scarce in today’s labour market. This requires a substantive and qualitative approach to candidates. This enables Top of Minds to bridge the gap between management and technology.

The company’s mission, the technology stack, the investors, the company culture – these are all relevant considerations in the selection process that tech talent goes through when they are looking to take a new step in their career.

So, before we discuss the match between employer and candidate, we stimulate the candidate’s interest with an appealing and substantive campaign about the company behind the vacancy.

Top of Minds is the only executive search office in the Netherlands with an in-house marketing team. The combination of the most convincing presentation of your vacancy and our sharp reach among our extensive network of relevant candidates results in the best candidates in a short period of time

"A developer does not choose a job because of the ping-pong table and the free snacks. It is important that vision and mission seamlessly match personal convictions. Only then will there be a sustainable match."
Hayke Tjemmes-Aalders Tech Consultant

Our recruitment formula

Our 3 steps towards results
  • 1. Intake

    Tech talent can be recruited with a good story. Based on an extensive intake with the hiring manager and other stakeholders, we determine the essence of the recruitment message.

  • 2. Employer Branding

    With a catchy story and sophisticated marketing, we ensure that relevant candidates see you as an attractive employer. This way we arrive at a long list of interested developers.

  • 3. Recruitement

    Based on an objective scorecard and in-depth interviews, we draw up the shortlist. Under our guidance, the top 3 then goes through a number of selection rounds within your organisation, after which we facilitate the contract negotiations with the most suitable candidate.

The story behind your vacancy

Tech talent is scarce in the labour market. Candidates such as developers, product owners and data engineers are often approached by recruiters. It is therefore challenging to reach and enthuse this critical target group. Top of Minds distinguishes itself by in-depth knowledge of the target group, highly targeted approaches and engaging and in-depth marketing materials.

Below you will find some examples of the materials that we developed to activate this target group.

For the Chama scale-up, we created a recruitment brochure to attract Android Developers, Web App Developers and Back End Developers.

View PDF

For the international scale-up, we developed extensive marketing materials around the theme of Big Data to recruit tech talent.

View PDF

For the disruptive start-up Zamro (now the ERIKS webshop) we developed a candidate pack for the recruitment of top talent within the tech sector.

View PDF
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