Hayke Tjemmes

  • 2019   Consultant, Top of Minds Executive Search
  • 2016   Recruiter, Wehkamp
  • 2011    Recruiter, SYSQA
  • 2006   Test (automation) Engineer, SYSQA

Everyone wants to make a difference and leave ‘something’ behind: to have a ‘purpose’. Isn’t it strange that, in a difficult market like the one for tech, that’s not where the focus lies when recruiting talent? Many companies try to stand out and compete on salary, ping-pong tables, free snacks, unlimited holidays. But… what does that mean for your purpose? IT Specialists and IT Executives are after innovation, inspiration and impact: an appealing vision and mission, the right – modern and future-oriented – tech stack, a team of inspiring people who challenge one another to stimulate growth and always leave room to experiment.

By combining my experience in recruitment and IT, I can tell that story from an inside perspective, creating an attractive story about how someone is going to contribute to the success of an organisation. Think about the relationship between mission, vision and personal growth. Or about how the team dynamics and the right tooling will lead to innovation. This requires good storytelling, because it is precisely these decision drivers that inspire curiosity and form the basis for meaningful, substantive discussions, and as a result, the best match.

Great stories attract great people. Top of Minds is the only executive search firm that has the substantive IT knowledge, understanding of the market and a marketing factory in-house to convince IT specialists and executives with a solid and valuable message. A great and distinctive basis for making a difference in the intriguing Technology market!

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